The official Russian media RT hid that shout of the Chechen paramilitaries

"Allah is great": the shout of the Islamists who will help Putin invade Christian Ukraine

In the West there are people who see Putin as a great defender of Christianity. There are facts that demonstrate a radically different reality.

A Russian Army tank advances through Ukraine waving a Soviet flag
Ten facts right-wing people who sympathize with Vladimir Putin seem to ignore

A mobilization chaired by the Islamist dictator of Chechnya

Yesterday, the Chechnya channel Chechnya Segodnya published a video showing the gathering in Grozny, the capital of the Russian republic of Chechnya, of 12,000 Chechen paramilitaries referred to in the video's description as "Kadyrov's army", a preparatory rally for his participation in the invasion of Ukraine (the video talks about "defending Donbas", which is a Ukrainian region partly taken over by pro-Russian separatists):

The main protagonist of the video is Ramzan Kadyrov, the Islamist dictator who has ruled Chechnya since 2007. A member of Vladimir Putin's United Russia party, Kadyrov is the richest man in Chechnya. With a fortune of 100 million dollars, he rules his Russian republic through terror and crime. He has been accused of torture and murder within and outside of its borders. He has imposed some aspects of Islamic law in Chechnya, where his regime has become a champion in violating religious freedom, prohibiting the sale and consumption of alcohol and persecuting homosexuals. All this consented by the regime of Vladimir Putin.

The Russian media RT cuts the video to hide the shouts of "Allah is great"

The Kremlin propaganda media tries to hide the terrible reality of the Islamist dictatorship of Ramzan Kadyrov. For example, yesterday the official Russian channel RT published this video of the rally, omitting the images of Kadyrov's bearded Islamist paramilitaries and with this description: "The operational soldiers of the Russian National Guard troops stationed in Chechnya are currently heading to Ukraine from Belarus."

Unfortunately for Putin's official channel, the Politika Segodnya channel published the video with the part that RT cut off, in which the shouts of "Allahu Akbar" (Allah is great) launched by Kadyrov's paramilitaries:

Islamist fanatics against Ukraine, a country with 87.3% Christians

The sending of these thousands of Islamist paramilitaries to Ukraine to help Putin invade that country is perhaps explained by the fact that the Ukrainian resistance is being greater than expected by the Russian government. Keep in mind that the majority of the Russian population is Orthodox Christian, as is the Ukrainian population. 87.3% of Ukrainians are Christian, making their country one of the most religious in Europe. That, without a doubt, must discourage many Russian military. The solution? Call the Islamist fanatics of Kadyrov, who will have no qualms about liquidating Ukrainian Christians.


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