A position equipped with two old Bofors M/12 naval guns from 1919

Sweden: He find a trapdoor in an old cabin and end up in an artillery battery

Sometimes an explorer can stumble upon the most unexpected things by poking around a bit, as we saw with the discovery of a bunker in Germany.

Piti: an old Japanese coastal artillery battery in the jungle of Guam
A bunker that still houses an old German WWII anti-aircraft gun in good condition

This time we are going a little further north, specifically to Sweden, a country with a great culture of defense and which prepared thoroughly for a possible invasion during World War II and the Cold War. Swedish explorer Micke Samurai posted a very interesting video. The action begins in an old cabin in the middle of a forest. Something that always arouses the curiosity of any explorer, but it is not very special either.

After inspecting the interior of the cabin, Mike found that there was a trapdoor in the floor. That already seems more interesting. As if that were not enough, when opening the trapdoor and descending through the hole, the Swedish explorer found what looks like a bunker with concrete walls. And what does something like that paint under a cabin? A lot of shelter for so little house, right?

Descending the stairs, on the left, Mike found a reinforced door, and when he opened it, this appeared:

The circular shape seems to be a table to control artillery fire. The room was rather small, just like other rooms that were found in this claustrophobic bunker that still preserves even the mattresses of its occupants (by the way, "var glad", the little note in the photo, means "be happy" in Swedish; perhaps it would be a way to cheer up the occupants of this inhospitable place).

Leaving through a door to the outside, Mike found this splendid 1919 Bofors M/12 1919 naval gun, even being able to access the interior of the turret, where he was able to verify that the gun is abandoned but in very good condition, still with the closure. In Spain it would have already been robbed...

I have been looking for information and the surprise is that this turret belonged to the cruiser HSwMS Gustaf V (1922-1957) of the Swedish Navy. The ship was scrapped in 1970, and surely prior to that date her artillery pieces were used for this battery. Apparently, and although Mike doesn't say so, he It's about the old Häggmansberget Battery, which was part of the Kalix Line, built by Sweden during World War II. The battery has two Bofors guns like the one seen in the video, both from the aforementioned cruise. Here the video:

The most curious thing about this battery (you can see its location on Google Maps here) is that It is about 17 kilometers from the coast - a very strange location for a coastal battery, if one - and appears to be in the middle of nowhere. The most interesting things nearby are some lakes and a country road. The Finnish border is further away, to the east. Maybe that's why they put it there.

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