The communists have reacted to this decision by attacking Justice again

A Court stops the release of the communist stamp announced by the Spanish postal service

The controversial communist stamp announced by Correos of Spain, a public company controlled by the government, cannot be issued on the scheduled date.

The Spanish Mail launches a communist stamp: will the next thing be a stamp with a swastika?
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Complaint from the Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers

This Friday, the Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers announced legal action "so that justice forces Correos to remove the communist stamp. Communism murdered thousands of people for their Christian faith. We will not allow it." Let us remember that the totalitarian movement extolled by that stamp has killed more than 100 million people and in Spain he was implicated in war crimes such as the Paracuellos massacre, during the Spanish Civil War, in which the communists murdered some 5,000 political prisoners, including 50 children.

Precisely, Correos published the stamp on its website on the same day as the anniversary of the start of that massacre, a fact that adds even more infamy to the launch of a stamp that advertises a totalitarian movement that committed "mass murders, genocide and deportations", being the cause, together with nazism, of "a loss of life and freedom in the 20th century on a scale unseen in human history", at verbatim words from a European Parliament resolution passed in September 2019.

A court provisionally stops the release of the communist stamp

This noon it was known that the 30th Contentious-Administrative Court of Madrid has stopped the release of the stamp. The suspension is precautionary and therefore not definitive, and with it the Court accepts the precautionary measures requested by the Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers, whose complaint indicated that this stamp "supposes the exaltation of a political party that committed crimes and persecuted thousands of people solely because of their faith". The launch of the stamp, with 135,000 copies, was scheduled for November 14, but will have to be delayed until the Justice reviews the case.

The Christian Lawyers Foundation celebrates the court decision

From the Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers, its president, Polonia Castellanos, has celebrated the judicial resolution, stating: "At Christian Lawyers we defend the neutrality of the institutions. That is why we celebrate that justice proves us right and that it forces Correos not to put this stamp promoting communism." For my part, I congratulate that foundation for its complaint. It is intolerable that a public company in a democratic country propagandizes a totalitarian movement that has killed millions of people and has seeded the world with dictatorships.

The communists react by attacking Justice again

After knowing the judicial resolution, Alberto Garzón, one of the ministers of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) -the totalitarian organization honored by that stamp-, has described as "shameful and symptomatic" the judicial brake on that communist label and has alleged that the PCE is "a legal party". We must remember that in Spain there are also legal parties that defend fascist ideology: would it be good for the Correos to dedicate a stamp to them?

For its part, the PCE has reacted by attacking the judge who made that decision (attacks on Justice have been common since the coalition government formed by socialists and communists), while the general secretary of the PCE, Enrique Santiago, has branded what happened as an "attack by the heirs of the dictatorship", an accusation as false as it is cynical, considering that the PCE supports dictatorships such as Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and China, and at the time it also supported the brutal dictatorship of Stalin.

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