Some 'babúsjas' from that city have finally been able to meet their grandchildren

The reaction of a grandmother from Kherson when seeing Russian tanks destroyed by the Ukrainians

The liberation of Kherson this Friday is giving rise to many scenes of joy, and also some tender moments.

This is how the Ukrainian Army was received in Kherson on the day of the liberation of that city
Russia's ridicule: it loses the Ukrainian city of Lyman just one day after annexing it

Today two videos have been released that deserve to be seen. One of them is that of a Ukrainian soldier who has been fighting for the liberation of Kherson and has finally been able to meet his "babúsja" (grandmother, in Ukrainian). It was spread by the Ukrainian journalist Myroslava Petsa a few hours ago:

The second video has been released by a resident of Kherson, and shows us a Ukrainian soldier showing him the Russian tanks that have destroyed a "babusja" of Kherson. The video is subtitled in English. The woman's reactions are a mixture of astonishment and joy:

Let us bear in mind that Kherson's neighbors have been subjected to the occupation of the Russian invaders for eight months, and furthermore, Russia has wanted to annex the entire region through a totally fraudulent false referendum. Hence the reactions of joy that we are seeing with this release. Hopefully images like this will arrive soon from other occupied cities in Ukraine.

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