Some intense scenes of simulated combat that have been recorded in Germany

A very realistic exercise of US paratroopers against Lithuanian and Macedonian soldiers

The exercises seek to prepare the military to deal with the difficult situations that they would have to face in real combat.

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Thus, the more realistic an exercise is, the more useful it will be for the military involved in it. Today the US Army has published an excellent video in which we see US paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade, the "Sky Soldiers", in a tough simulated combat against soldiers from the Lithuanian Army and the Army of North Macedonia during the Saber Junction exercise in Germany. The scene takes place on a training ground with an urban setting, using blank ammunition:

You can see below some screenshots of this impressive video. Here we see an American soldier from the 173rd Airborne Brigade firing an M-240 machine gun.

US soldiers storming a house. One of the soldiers carries an AT4 rocket launcher. An uncomfortable weapon when it comes to assaulting a closed area, of course.

A US "Sky Soldier" braving an enemy's fire on the other side of a wall. This is what happens when you throw a hand grenade at your neighbor and he doesn't take it very well right...

US paratroopers firing their weapons from the entrance of a cafe. One of them carries an M-4 carbine, the other an M-249 machine gun.

A North Macedonia soldier aiming his M-4 carbine, using a Humvee for cover. On his helmet he wears a patch with the emblem of the North Macedonian Army, which represents an ancient shield with the Sun of Vergina, the historical emblem of that country.

Macedonian soldiers during simulated combat against US paratroopers. The North Macedonian Army has used a four-color pixelated camouflage since 2010.

Close firefight between Macedonian soldiers and US paratroopers, entrenched inside a house.

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