Felipe VI reviewed the soldiers of the Tercio de Armada and the Tercio del Sur

The King's visit to one of the most faithful military units at a critical moment for Spain

These days, Spain is experiencing one of the worst institutional crises in recent decades due to the government assault on judicial independence.

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The cabinet of Pedro Sánchez has been taking various State institutions for bravery, from RTVE to the Court of Accounts, and has increased its increasingly virulent attacks on the democratic opposition, judges, businessmen and the media.

After seizing the reins of the Judiciary, no one hides what will be the next target to beat: the Monarchy. The government's communist wing (Podemos) and Sánchez's separatist allies they have been attacking the King for years and trying to delegitimize an institution that is part of our constitutional order, approved by an overwhelming majority by the Spaniards in a referendum in 1978. So far, the only thing they have achieved with these attacks is an increase in support for the Monarchy in Spain.

In the midst of this situation, this Friday H.M. The King visited the San Carlos Marine barracks in San Fernando (Cádiz), headquarters of the Tercio de Armada -the expeditionary force of that Corps- and of the Tercio del Sur, attached to the Protection Force. You can see here the video of this visit published by the Royal House:

Surely this visit was already scheduled for a long time, but whether by coincidence or not, the current moment has made it a symbolic act. The reason is explained by the Spanish Navy: "Since 1763 the Marine Infantry is a Royal House Corps as a reward for the heroic defense of the Morro de La Havana in front of the English fleet and since that date maintains the privilege of wearing the sardinetas of the preferred companies on the sleeve of their uniforms as well as wearing the blue and red colors of Royal House." This last privilege is observed in the two red stripes that the Spanish marines wear on their pants, a distinction that only the Royal Guard itself carries.

The Spanish Marine Infantry has traditionally been a very monarchical body, due to its special relationship with the Crown as it is the Royal Household Corps. In fact, during the Second Republic the left-wing planned its dissolution, a plan that was not consummated due to the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War.

Currently, the Marine Infantry provides a rifle company to the Royal Guard, known as Compañía Mar Océano, which was created on December 1, 1981 and is part of the Group of Honors of that personal bodyguard of the King. This company is defined by the Spanish Navy as "the spearhead of the Corps in the Royal Guard".

During his visit to San Fernando on Friday, and as indicated by the Royal House, H.M. The King was received at the San Carlos barracks by the Admiral Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral General Antonio Martorell Lacave; the Admiral of the Fleet, Admiral Eugenio Díaz del Río Jaúdenes; and by the General Commander of the Marine Infantry, Division General Rafael Roldán Tudela.

During his visit, Felipe VI received Ordinance Honors, reviewed the Force and held a parade in his honor. Subsequently, in the Sala de Banderas of the aforementioned barracks, H.M. the King attended the presentation on the Tercio de la Armada by the Chief General of that unit, and then, in the Llano de San Carlos area, Felipe VI visited a static exhibition of combat and maneuver units and of combat support units.

Finally, H.M. the King moved to the Sergeant Padrós Pagés Quartering , where a dynamic demonstration took place in which he was able to verify the operability of the Tercio de Armada units. Under these lines you can see the family photo that Felipe VI took with the Marine Infantry.

As things are, I end these lines with two expressions that are common in our Armed Forces but that today, in addition, have a special meaning for our society:

Long live Spain! Long live the King!

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