Aventuras Entresierras shows the beautiful mountainous landscapes of Lérida

A spectacular tour of two ghost towns and old trenches in Catalonia

Because of the exodus from the countryside to the city, a considerable part of rural Spain has been left abandoned, almost forgotten and in ruins.

Fadricas: touring the old ammunition depots of the Spanish Navy in San Fernando
El Arteal: the ghost town used by the Spanish Legion as a training ground

One of the Spanish communities affected by this problem is Catalonia, as shown by the always interesting channel Aventuras Entresierras (if you haven't subscribed yet, you can't imagine what you're missing) in his latest video, published today and which takes a tour of a spectacular mountainous area located visiting two ghost towns: Montesquiú and Aramunt Viejo (known in Catalan as Aramunt Vell), both in the province of Lérida. The path is completed with a visit to the trenches of the Spanish Civil War in Vilanoveta, in the vicinity of another ghost town in Lleida:

You can see here some screenshots of the video, as a minimal preview of the magnificent landscapes that can be seen on this mountain tour. Below these lines we see the Romanesque hermitage of San Serni, now abandoned and located near the ghost town of Montesquiú.

This is what remains of Montesquiú. The town, eminently agricultural, was disadvantaged by the construction of the Talarn reservoir in 1913, when it lost a large part of its irrigation land, which ended up causing its abandonment.

A beautiful house in Aramunt Viejo . This town is in ruins and uninhabited.

It must be said that my teddy bear Bilbo has been very happy with the dedication that the video makes to him, although I think he was even happier to see this little bear.

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