It's on a railway whose appearance indicates that it has been disused for decades

Exploring an abandoned train in the middle of a lush forest in the United States

Last year we saw the story of a rail car abandoned in a forest in Canada, but in the United States there are even more surprising things.

The curious history of an abandoned railway caboose in the middle of a forest
The beautiful ghost station of the New York Subway that was designed by a Spaniard

A few months ago, the American channel Urban Explorations published an interesting video in which we can see an abandoned train in the United States, in an undisclosed location. The curious thing is that it is in the middle of a forest so lush that it is difficult to find the train, according to what the protagonist of the video points out. The convoy is made up of several passenger cars and a tank car, in a sorry state due to vandalism:

In the comments of the video, a reader points out that the train belongs to the North Alabama Train Museum, and that they have it there awaiting a future restoration, which could take time since they have other projects before this one . You can see below some captures of the video. As we can see here, the tracks are barely visible among the vegetation, this track must have been abandoned for decades.

One of the passenger cars, with a bare aluminum exterior, a true classic in the USA. The author of the video points out that the wagons are from the 1970s.

The interior of one of the passenger cars. All the seats have been removed. Signs of vandalism are everywhere.

The tank wagon , decorated with a black painting.

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