It is located on top of a hill and there are no railways in the vicinity

The curious history of an abandoned railway caboose in the middle of a forest

Many children grew up in Spain watching the series "Verano azul" and the curious image of Chanquete's boat, located in the middle of an orchard.

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Seeing an old fishing boat so far from its natural environment is something that has always fascinated me. And something similar happens with the story that I bring you today. In this case it is not a ship, but a railway caboose from the 1940s that is in the middle of a forest in Canada, far from any railway. Three months ago Abandoned Urbex Canada published this interesting video about it:

How did this truck get to that forest? Abandoned Urbex Canada points out that the owner of that wooded lot was a huge fan of trains. In the 1980s, his sons bought him this lavish caboose for $20,000 as a birthday present. What a gift! His sons had some tracks installed and hired two large cranes to put it in that place, which must not have been easy, since it is on top of a hill.

Abandoned Urbex Canada notes that trees probably had to be cut down to complete that operation, but now trees have grown back around the van. Removing it from there today would be a very expensive operation. As you can see in the video, despite its age, the van is in very good condition, a sign that it was well cared for.

Sadly, the owner of that plot passed away in 2004, and his ashes were apparently scattered there, since that van was his favorite haunt. An endearing story that explains something as unusual and fascinating as finding a wagon on top of a hill and in the middle of a forest.

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