An interesting video of Aventuras Entresierras showing his backpack

Good tips about what things you should include in your backpack to make a bivouac

If you are a fan of going camping in a forest or on a mountain, you will know that one of the great challenges of that adventure is faced before you even leave home.

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And it is that an adventure without risks or unpleasant surprises implies preparing well and taking with you everything you need to spend the night, hydrate and feed yourself, and also to orient yourself in the middle of nature. To know what is needed when developing this fascinating activity, it is best to have the advice of a person who has extensive experience in it , and personally the best source of information I know about it is the channel Aventuras Entresierras, which not only publishes interesting videos about the most varied places ( you have the opportunity to see them here), but also tips on how to prepare for a bivouac. His latest video is about this, in which he shows us the updated content of his backpack for 2023 (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic subtitles in English in the bottom bar of the player):

I only missed one thing in the video, a detail that I usually include in my backpacks when I travel: a small sewing kit. I have already missed it once, it is light and takes up very little space. For the rest, the backpack from Entresierras is from the first division (next to it, mine is from the third regional division).

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