Hilux Aventura takes a tour in SUVs to an abandoned town

Asturias: a winter route through the spectacular mountains of this Spanish community

I am a Galician from the coast but I admit that I have a devotion to the mountains. And that is precisely why I really like the Principality of Asturias.

A ghost town located in the middle of nowhere in a deep valley of Asturias
Asturias: a beautiful century-old school that is preserved as it was in 1970

Like inland Galicia, Asturias has some truly spectacular mountainous areas. Those of us who are not lucky enough to be able to go there as much as we would like have, at least, the opportunity to see them hand in hand from the Hilux Aventura Youtube channel, which makes some very interesting videos about that community Spanish. In the most recent, published yesterday, he shows us a mountain route covered in jeeps on a cold and rainy winter day (the video is in Spanish but has English subtitles, you can activate them in the bottom bar of the player):

You can see here some screenshots of the video as a preview. Here some formidable views of the mountains of Asturias, crowned with clouds.

The mountain route that the protagonists of the video have followed. It is suitable for SUVs, and it is not recommended to go on roads like this in a normal car (I am telling you from experience).

A beautiful dolmen, a type of megalithic construction very typical of Asturias and Galicia. They were a kind of mounds, that is, burial places for the dead.

An abandoned town in the mountains of Asturias. It is a shame to see the current state of many of these old towns...

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