A spectacular video of Hilux Aventura shows us its surroundings and its ruins

A ghost town located in the middle of nowhere in a deep valley of Asturias

We recently saw here the effects of depopulation in rural Catalonia, and today we are going to see them in another region of Spain: the Principality of Asturias.

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As in other regions of the northern half of Spain, the rural areas of Asturias have recorded a constant exodus to the cities for decades, parallel to a progressive aging of the population. The result has been the abandonment of many mountain villages, such as the one that the channel Hilux Aventura showed yesterday in an interesting video that it runs through a beautiful and deep valley in Asturias until it reaches a town located in the middle of nowhere, with large houses built on a hillside and currently in ruins:

Watching this video explains to a large extent the reasons for their abandonment. The town was very isolated, so any medical emergency could have fatal consequences. Everything seems to indicate that this town had livestock and beekeeping as sources of wealth, but in an environment like this, we are talking about a hard life. According to a reader in the comments, a fire ended up marking the fate of this town.

You can see here some captures of the video. The road that leads to the village is really beautiful. Here we see the part of the opposite slope. According to the author of the video, it would be about 5 kilometers of walking from the nearest road to the town, through the valley.

Upon reaching the town, you can see the first houses in ruins. Some are already badly destroyed, indicating many years of neglect.

Some of the houses are better preserved and are unusually large for houses in a mountain village. As the video's author points out in the description, "usually the houses were smaller for keep warm."

There is at least one house that seems to be still somewhat preserved. On the right we can see its hórreo, which was a building built at a certain distance from the ground to store food and protect it from wild animals and humidity. The one we see here is a typical granary from Asturias, those in Galicia are longer (with the exception of those located in the areas closest to Asturias, such as the Sierra del Courel).

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