The facility where future Spanish 'green berets' are trained

The black house of the EMMOE: an excellent video of the 'kill house' of the elite of the Spanish Army

One of the riskiest aspects of the work of special operations groups is close quarters combat (also known as CQC).

This is how the future 'green berets' of the Spanish Army are trained
Elite military groups from Spain, the US and other countries in a training in Africa

This type of combat is the one that occurs during assaults on houses and other places where the enemy can be crouching behind any door. Training for this type of combat is usually done in what the Americans call a "kill house", an enclosure with an open roof and that has catwalks at the top so that the trainers can closely follow the steps of operators during training.

The special operations groups of the Spanish Armed Forces have this type of training facility. Two years ago we have already seen here the "kill house" of the Legion's Special Operations Flag (BOEL). The latest innovation in this type of facility was presented today by the Army on its YouTube channel : this is the black house of the Military Mountain and Special Operations School (EMMOE) .

Located in Jaca (Huesca), its Special Operations Courses are training future members of the Spanish special operations groups (the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Civil Guard and the National Police)and also from foreign countries, which makes this school an international reference center. As pointed out by the Army, the black house of the EMMOE "covers the need to have a quality place, configurable for instruction and teaching of Combat in Urbanized Areas."

The video published by the Army is of excellent quality, with a cinematographic aspect. The only objection that can be made is that its maximum resolution is only 720p:

The name "black house" is due to the color of the interior of the facility, which is painted in a way that makes it more oppressive for the operators who are trained in it. A great success.

Inside the house there is a van (with Army registration) and even an old plane. This place allows you to configure very varied scenarios.

Here we can see the upper part of the black house, with the walkway so that the monitors can follow the movements of the operators during training.

A striking detail from the outside are these two helicopters, former Bell UH-1H Hueys that belonged to the Air Mobile Forces of the Spanish Army (FAMET) and now serve in training functions.

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