Aventuras Entresierras shows us a natural jewel in the province of Granada

A fascinating route through the ghost towns and beautiful landscapes of the Sierra de Baza

Spain is a beautiful country where you can find the most varied landscapes, and specifically magnificent and quiet places away from the crowds.

El Arteal: the ghost town used by the Spanish Legion as a training ground
A spectacular tour of two ghost towns and old trenches in Catalonia

One of those places is the Sierra de Baza Natural Park, in Granada, a province in eastern Andalusia that is a whole world full of things worth seeing, starting with its capital and the spectacular Alhambra castle. The Sierra de Baza is also an incredible place where you can find strange orographies, beautiful forests and also arid areas. This place has been inhabited for thousands of years, but today it contains a few ghost towns, among whose ruins we can imagine what life would be like in such a remote place and when there were not as many cars as now.

Today my favorite YouTube channel, Aventuras Entresierras (to which I recommend you subscribe), has published an interesting Jeep route through the Sierra de Baza, including a bivouac in what looks like an abandoned recreational area. I especially liked the images of the abandoned towns and the cemetery that you can see at the end (Manolo dedicates it to a certain Elentir who must be a weird guy with a taste for the macabre, do you know him from anything?). 😉 (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic subtitles in English in the bottom bar of the player):

As usual, here are some screenshots as a preview of how much can be seen in this video. Here, furry Alfred enjoying the views of this sierra.

A ghost town located on this route. You can see it inside in the video.

The landscape combines forests, open fields and some landscapes that seem from another planet. And the route is ideal to do it in an SUV like this fantastic Jeep.

Another ghost town. Strangely, all but one of their houses are in ruins.

Las Balsillas Cemetery, in the municipality of Baza. Apparently there are no burials after the 1960s, which tells us when the area became uninhabited.

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