These vehicles must have spent decades outdoors on a farm

Belgium: some images of classic cars abandoned and in a state of disintegration

In the world there are many fans of collecting cars, but what happens when those people die and their cars are abandoned?

An atypical graveyard of 50 classic cars and a plane in the middle of a forest in Germany
A gigantic graveyard with more than 1,000 classic cars disintegrating in Sweden

The fate of many classic cars in this situation is to degrade little by little, especially if they are out in the open. The channel LostintimeNL today published a video showing one such case: an abandoned farm where there are four classic cars in a sorry state. The images were recorded in Belgium in February:

This video helps us to get an idea of what the world would be like if human beings had disappeared decades ago. Cars are being swallowed up by deforestation and are in the process of disintegrating. Here we see a Volkswagen Beetle and a Porsche 924, both yellow.

An image that shows us the terrible condition of the VW Beetle. The Porsche 924 next to it seems to be in better condition.

The saddest image is that of the Jaguar that heads these lines. Here we see its back. It looks like a 1980 Jaguar XJ6.

On the farm there is another Porsche 924, in this case black. It is covered by leaf litter.

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