Two minutes of pure visual poetry recorded by Dennis Schmelz from a drone

'The beauty of Galicia': the magnificent video of a German photographer on the Galician coast

I am a Galician in love with his land. I have been seeing its beautiful landscapes for 47 years and I never tire of enjoying its exuberant beauty.

Galicia shown by an American fascinated by its rural world, its coast and its people
The magnificent video of a French filmmaker showing landscapes of northern Spain

As a Galician from the coast, among my favorite places are the maritime lighthouses. Galicia has 1,175 km of coastlines illuminated by 44 lighthouses, among them the oldest lighthouse in the world still active: the Tower of Hercules. A while ago I came across this video published by Turismo de Galicia a month ago shows some of those lighthouses:

But that is not the video for which I am writing this entry, but for another one that I found looking for lighthouses in Galicia on Youtube. It was published by the German photographer Dennis Schmelz three years ago, with the title "The Beauty of Galicia". Among other jewels, it shows the Cape Finisterre lighthouse, Las Catedrales beach and the Ézaro waterfall. I thought the video was precious, especially because it shows Galicia as its inhabitants see it for a large part of the year, with the beautiful overcast sky so typical of this land (if it's so green it's because of the rain). There are two minutes of pure visual poetry recorded from a drone view:

You can see here some screenshots of the video as a preview. Here is the Finisterre lighthouse, built in 1853, with its spectacular surroundings.

Las Catedrales Beach, in the town of Ribadeo (Lugo), next to Asturias.

The Ézaro waterfall, in the town of Dumbría (La Coruña). It is the only waterfall in Europe that flows into the sea.

And I leave the best of Galicia for last: its people. Rural Galicians are the ones who most preserve the old hospitality of always (a Galician from the city tells you this).

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