A new edition of the Iron Spear armored vehicle competition

Latvia: tanks, IFVs and storm of fire and steel with Spanish Flags in Kadaga

One more year comes the Iron Spear 2023 exercise of the NATO eFP Battle Group at the Kadaga maneuver field, in Adazi, Latvia.

The Spanish Leopardo 2E and other allied tanks in a good video of the Latvian Army
The shots of the M-109 howitzers of the Spanish Army in Latvia seen from inside

The Iron Spear, in addition to a training exercise, functions as a competition between the national teams of the NATO armored forces deployed in Latvia, with two categories: main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles (VCI). The Latvian Army, host of this exercise, today released an excellent series of photos from this exercise, taken by Ēriks Kukutis and containing a few images of the Spanish armored vehicles and their crews. You can see a selection of those photos here.

A Spanish Leopardo 2E tank, nicknamed "Phoenix", during the exercise. The Spanish contingent currently deployed in Adazi belongs mostly to the XII "Guadarrama" Brigade, based in El Goloso (Madrid).

The Spanish flags waving in Adazi over the tanks Leopardo 2E and ASCOD Pizarro.

One of the crew members of the Spanish armored vehicles during the exercise, accompanied by the National Flag.

An ASCOD Pizarro infantry fighting vehicle of the Spanish Army during the exercise.

The crew of a Spanish Leopard 2E waving with smiles for the photo.

A Spanish ASCOD Pizarro, in the foreground, alongside other infantry fighting vehicles, flying the Italian and UK flags.

A Spanish ASCOD Pizarro next to a British Army FV510 Warrior infantry vehicle. In the background is a PT-91 Twardy tank of the Polish Army.

The participants in the exercise ready to open fire. There are waving Flags of Spain, Slovakia, France, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom. The tank in the foreground is a PT-91 Twardy of the Polish Army.

The beginning of the fire and steel storm launched by the participants in the exercise.

Another image of the shots. In the photo we see two PT-91 Twardy tanks from the Polish Army, several Leopardo 2E and VCI Pizarro tanks from the Spanish Army, C1 Ariete tanks from the Italian Army and Challenger 2 tanks from the British Army.

The Latvian Army has accustomed us to excellent photos like this one, you can see that in that Baltic country they have a good "combat camera" team.

A British Challenger 2 with the Union Jack flying above its turret. An exceptional tank.

Two French Army AMX-10 RC tank destroyers. The vehicle on the right bears the distinctive pennant of the Foreign Legion.

Two British VCI FV510 Warrior. In the background we see the Spanish Flag of one of the ASCOD Pizarro of the Spanish Army.

A VCI BVP-2 of the Slovak Army during the exercise. The BVP-2 is the version of the Soviet BMP-2 manufactured in the former Czechoslovakia.

A Canadian Army VCI LAV 6.0. This model is the Canadian relative of the US Stryker.

Italian C1 Ariete and British Challenger 2 tanks with the flags of their respective countries.


Photos: Latvijas Armija.

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