Some images recorded at Camp Adazi during the Crystal Arrow 2023 exercise

The Spanish Leopardo 2E and other allied tanks in a good video of the Latvian Army

We recently saw here the excellent photos of the Latvian Army on the NATO eFP Battle Group Latvia exercise Crystal Arrow 2023.

The excellent images of the Latvian Army on an exercise with the Spanish military
Rock and shots: the Spanish soldiers and their allies display their forces in Latvia

Yesterday the Latvian Army released their video of that exercise, a video that was just as good quality (and posted in 4K) as the photos we saw last week. In the video the Spanish Leopardo 2E tanks have a special role, deployed in Latvia, specifically in Camp Adazi. In fact, one of these tanks has been chosen by the Latvian Army as a preview image for their video:

You can see below some screenshots of this spectacular video, with some indications of what is seen in them.

An HH-60 Black Hawk helicopter belonging to the US Army 501st Aviation Regiment, conducting a medical evacuation simulation.

A Spanish Leopardo 2E , specifically the nickname "Wet Raccoon" (wet raccoon) that we already saw in the photos the other day.

Another Spanish Leopardo 2E , in this case displaying the red flag indicating that it is ready to fire its 120 mm L/55 main gun.

The shot from a Spanish Leopardo 2E. Currently the Spanish tankers deployed in Latvia belong to the XII "Guadarrama" Brigade.

Another image of the Leopardo 2E "Wet Raccoon". It seems to have suffered some blow to the right front part of its barge, since it is missing the front protection of the chain and part of the side protection.

Spanish soldiers quickly boarding an M-113 VCZ sapper vehicle moments before a detonation of charges to clear possible obstacles or improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The M-113 VCZ before the enormous explosion detonated by the sappers of the Army.

The M-113 VCZ before the enormous explosion detonated by the sappers of the Spanish Army.

A Polish Army PT-91 Twardy tank firing its 125mm 2A46MS cannon. The PT-91 is a modernized Polish version of the Soviet T-72.

Two Patria XA-300 armored personnel carriers of the Latvian Army. Latvia and Finland are the only two countries that use this type of Finnish vehicle.

Two Royal Danish Army MOWAG Piranha V armored mortar carriers, firing their Cardom 10 120mm mortars. Due to the size and caliber of these mortars, they are equipped with an automatic arm that drops the shells into the mortar. In the vehicle on the left we see that arm with a projectile.

An Italian Army Dardo infantry fighting vehicle firing its M242 Bushmaster 25mm cannon.

On the left, a BVP-2 infantry fighting vehicle of the Slovak Army, with its national flag. This vehicle is the Czechoslovakian version of the Soviet BMP-2. On the right we see a Canadian Army LAV 6.0 infantry fighting vehicle, also flying the Canadian flag. The LAV 6.0 is the Canadian relative of the American Stryker. Both are based on the LAV III. It is manufactured by General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada (GDLS-C).

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