Located in a mountainous area, the town came to have more than 200 residents

A town in ruins in a remote part of León where only two inhabitants remain

There are many places in rural Spain that are becoming depopulated, in many cases due to how isolated they are.

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Some examples of that depopulated Spain can be found in the province of León, in the northwest of the community of Castilla y León, next to Galicia and Asturias. It is a mountainous area and has some spectacular scenery. There is a town that once had more than 200 residents, of which today only two remain (not counting the dogs and cows). Hilux Aventura has dedicated it another interesting video (it is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic subtitles in English in the bottom bar of the player):

You can see here some screenshots of the video as a preview. The town (the author of the video does not indicate its name) is located in a remote and quite isolated place , accessible only by dirt roads. The landscapes are beautiful, of course.

An aerial view of the town. Except for the houses of its last two inhabitants, everything else is in ruins, including the old school, the church and the bar.

The main street of the town. Decades of experiences have given way to a silence broken only occasionally by the barking of one of the neighbours' dogs.

The old school. You can see it inside in the video, along with other buildings in this town. It's a shame to see its current state.

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