Russia has already lost a launcher and a 55K6E command post of this system

Ukrainian HIMARS missile launchers destroy the S-400, the best Russian air defense system

Russia continues to pile up bad news in its invasion of Ukraine. This time it's up to their air defense systems.

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The S-400 Triumf is the best surface-to-air missile (SAM) system in the Russian Federation. This air defense system is considered the Russian equivalent of the American MIM-104 Patriot. The Russian long-range system can engage targets up to a distance of 380 km using the 40N6E missiles.

The S-400 has been in service with the Russian Federation Aerospace Forces since 2007, forming 57 battalions. In November their deployment was detected in Belarus and a month and a half ago it became known that Russia was deploying this system in eastern Ukraine to counter the M-142 HIMARS multiple missile launchers, which are having devastating effects on the Russian forces. The images you can see above were published just two days ago and show a Russian train with S-400 launchers to Belarus for deployment in Ukraine.

However, the Russian system has not proved invulnerable to Ukrainian HIMARS missiles, which are showing great effectiveness, as well as being very elusive for Russian forces thanks to their high mobility.

On January 20, the destruction of an S-400 missile launcher was visually confirmed, the first loss suffered by this system in combat. Those responsible for its destruction would have been the Ukrainian HIMARS. The images showed a wrecked and burned 5P85SM2-01 TEL launcher, which would be equipped with 5V55R missiles with a range of about 90 km. The photos would have been taken in the Zaporizhia region.

Bad news has arrived again for Russia today regarding this anti-aircraft system, with the first confirmation Visual of the destruction of a PBU 55K6E command post, which would be part of an S-400 missile launch complex.

According to NOELreports, this S-400 command post would have been destroyed in the Kherson region of Ukraine two weeks ago, in the area still occupied by Russia.

Ukraine Weapons Tracker notes that this command post would form part of a full S- 400AD, a version of the S-400 equipped with anti-jamming and electronic countermeasures (ECCM) capabilities. Their destruction would have been possible with GMLRS missiles , a guided missile with a range of 60 km that can be fired from HIMARS launchers.


Photos: War Monitor / Ukraine Weapons Tracker / NOELreports.

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