That soldier belongs to the 109th Brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces

Photos of a woman from the Ukrainian Armed Forces wearing a Spanish Flag

Many Ukrainian women are contributing to the defense of their country against the Russian invasion from the Armed Forces.

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Many of these women are part of the Territorial Defense Forces (VTO) , created in 2014 in imitation of the United States National Guard, which brings together reservists at the state level.

The VTOs are divided into 31 Territorial Defense Brigades, distributed among four operational commands (north, south, east and west). Within the Eastern Operational Command is the 109th Donetsk Territorial Brigade, one of the regions of Ukraine currently occupied by the Russian invaders.

Today Ukrainian Armed Forces have released photos of five women who are part of that Donetsk Brigade . These are the photos that you can see in this post. There are two photos in particular that have caught the attention of many Spaniards.

And it is that in two photos you can see a soldier with the Spanish Flag on her vest, next to the Coat of Arms and the National Flag of Ukraine.

There are many Spaniards who support the cause of Ukraine in its defense against the Russian invasion, and seeing that a Ukrainian soldier carries our flag at the height of her heart is something that fills you with pride. Slava Ukrayini!

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