It was built in May 1937 to be used as a command center

The Jaca Position, a secret bunker from the Spanish Civil War in the city of Madrid

During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) underground facilities were built in many Spanish cities.

Blockhaus 13: A bunker from the Spanish Civil War in the Community of Madrid
A tour of the Calamocha airfield, a former Ju-87 Stukas base in Spain

In some cases, these constructions were made as shelters for the civilian population against bombardments (by both sides). Other constructions had a military purpose, as is the case of the Jaca Position, built under the Garden of El Capricho, in the Alameda de Osuna, located in the northeast of Madrid.

This bunker began to be built in May 1937, using bricks and concrete to carry it out, and being designed to be watertight, against possible attacks with chemical weapons. The bunker was built in secret due to its purpose: to be the command center of General Miaja, president of the Madrid Defense Board and Chief of the Army of the Center of the Republican side. Situated 15 meters underground, the Jaca Position had an area of 2,000 square meters, and had four entrances: three to the gardens and an escape gallery that opened onto the street.

General Miaja on the steps of the Palace of El Capricho, located next to the Jaca Position. The photo was taken in 1937 (Photo: Comunidad de Madrid).

Previously, General Miaja had had his command center in the basement of the Ministry of Finance, in the Royal Customs House. The new bunker not only served as a command center, but also as a residence for General Miaja until 1938. Later, it was used by Colonel Segismundo Casado.

One of the galleries of the Jaca Position, currently (Photo: Comunidad de Madrid).

According to the Diario de Madrid a few years ago, the bunker was equipped with "a water tank fed by one of the water pipes of the garden; a septic tank with evacuation pipe; a ventilation system through electric pumps; a power generator powered by diesel, and facilities for 200 people".

The facilities of the Jaca Position are preserved in good condition, as seen in this image (Photo: Diario de Madrid).

Today, the bunker is open to the public, through guided tours for groups of up to 20 people and with prior reservation. You can find more information about the visits by clicking here. If you want to visit him without leaving home, a few days ago Ángel Gómez Gómez posted a video touring this position:


Main photo: Diario de Madrid.

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