Contains 501 panels with the names of those murdered by the invaders

The monument that remembers the victims of the massacre perpetrated by the Russians in Bucha

Entre el 27 de febrero y el 31 de marzo de 2020, tras el inicio de la invasión de Ucrania, los rusos ocuparon la localidad ucraniana de Bucha.

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The occupants of Bucha, located near the city of Kiev, belonged to the 64th Independent Motorized Brigade of the Russian army, under the command of Colonel Azatbek Omurbekov, a war criminal who soon after was named "Hero of Russia" by the Kremlin< /a>.

After the withdrawal of the Russian troops, when the Ukrainian forces liberated the town they were met with the streets full of corpses of civilians killed by the Russians. Some of those killed were civilians who were walking down the street when they were massacred by the Russians. One of them was lying next to his bicycle. Some of the victims had their hands tied behind their backs.

A few days ago a simple monument was inaugurated in that town, which commemorates the 501 murdered civilians. Across the kyiv region the Russians murdered 1,400 civilians.

The monument is made up of 501 square metal panels with a name and two dates. Each panel contains the name of one of the victims, her date of birth, and the date of her murder. In some cases, this last date only indicates the month, since it has not been possible to specify the exact day of the crime.

The monument was unveiled earlier this month, and flowers have been laid before it ever since.

In many cases, it is the relatives of the murdered themselves who place these flowers.

Here we see the son of Vitalii Fesiuk, contemplating the plate that shows the name of his father, one of the victims of the massacre. Vitalii was 44 yeard old. He had sent his son and his wife out of Bucha when the Russians came.

Behind each panel there is a family full of pain, a family torn apart because a tyrant, driven by his nationalist fanaticism, decided to invade a free and independent country.

May this entry serve as a memorial to the victims of the Bucha massacre and to all the victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Hopefully the day will come when we can see the perpetrators of these crimes brought before an international court.


Photos: Oleg Petrasiuk / Sergei Supinsky / Ukrainian World Congress / EPA.

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