The joint training sessions of the Spanish GOE III and the American 10th SFG (A)

The training of the 'green berets' of the Armies of Spain and the US in Alicante

NATO special operations forces carry out frequent joint training, and that includes Spanish units.

The images of Spanish military shooters in the home of the United States Special Forces
The black house of the EMMOE: an excellent video of the 'kill house' of the elite of the Spanish Army

The 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne, 10 SFG), 10th SFG (A), of the US Army has participated this year in several joint training sessions with the Special Operations Group "Valencia" III (GOE III) of the Spanish Army, at the "Alférez Rojas Navarrete" Barracks in Alicante, headquarters of the Special Operations Command (MOE). Both the American unit and the Spanish unit have the green beret as their distinctive garment, which is why their operators are known in this way.

The US Army released today the images of these training sessions, including two videos that you can see merged here:

You can see below some photos of this training that have been published by the US Army.

Two operators of the 10th SFG (A) during a training session carried out at the end of March. The soldier in the foreground carries an M4A1 URGI carbine.

The vest of one of the American soldiers. He has three spare chargers, a mobile phone holder and two radio sets.

The training tower of the "Alférez Rojas Navarrete" barracks of the MOE. In front of it we see three General Dynamics Flyer special operations vehicles of the 10th SFG (A), with three-color NATO camouflage (black, brown and olive green).

Four Spanish GOE III operators during this training. They wear Heckler & Koch G36KV assault rifles and Multicam camouflage uniforms, incorporated by MOE units a few years ago.

An American operator from the 10th SFG (A) rappelling from the training tower of the "Alférez Rojas Navarrete" Barracks.

A member of GOE III (right) watching an operator from the 10th SFG (A) rappel exercise.

Another moment of the rappelling exercise. The American soldier we see on the right is wearing an M4A1 URGI carbine. On the left we see two Spanish GOE III operators, in this case wearing pixelated wooded M09 camouflage uniforms, the regulation pattern of the Army.

A Spanish GOE III operator during a combat exercise in closed places carried out together with the US Special Forces at the end of June.

Two Uro VAMTAC ST-5 tactical vehicles from GOE III in training carried out by the "green berets" of Spain and the US in Alicante at the end of June.

American soldiers of the 10th SFG (A) securing some stairs during this training, carried out in an abandoned building.

A Spanish GOE III operator during the exercise in the abandoned building. He is carrying a G36KV assault rifle.

Two American soldiers from the 10th SFG (A) at the exercise in the abandoned building. Both are armed with M4A1 URGI carbines.

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