It is time to free ourselves from one of the most absurd complexes of the right

Communism labels anyone who disagrees as 'fascist': let's name communists what they are

Communism's practice of labeling anyone who disagrees as a "fascist" is a targeting tactic that is nearly centuries old.

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The marking as 'fascist' to anyone who disagrees

As I told you here a few years ago, in 1924 the Communist International, controlled by the dictator Stalin, issued a resolution in which it stated the following: "As bourgeois society continues to decline, all bourgeois parties, particularly Social Democracy, take on a more or less fascist character... Fascism and Social Democracy are the two sides of the same instrument of the capitalist dictatorship". Thus, the first to be designated as "fascists" by the communists were the social democrats.

The communists have never hesitated to resort to lies to impose their ideology and demonize their political rivals: they call those who they know are not "fascists" to discredit them and kill them civilly, thus saving themselves from a debate of ideas in which those far-left totalitarians would have everything to lose, since communists have always been as enemies of democracy and human rights as true fascists, as demonstrated by the fact that that They have established more than fifty dictatorships (some of them still exist today, including the one in the most populous country in the world: China) and have killed more than 100 million human beings .

The common denominator of communism and authentic fascism

Nowadays, when a communist calls a democrat a "fascist", what he does is try to put him on a level with him, since both communism and fascism are totalitarian movements, and both are enemies of freedom and of democracy. No democrat should accept lessons of democracy, freedom or human rights from a communist, in the same way that he should not accept them from a Nazi. That is why it is very shocking, and even ridiculous, to see people on the democratic right feeling self-conscious when a communist labes them as "fascist". Being straight is totally legitimate and no one should be ashamed of it. If anyone has to be ashamed of something, it's the communists, who support an anti-democratic ideology that has competed with Nazism in hatred, violence and criminality.

The absurd objection to calling communists 'communists'

But it is absurd that there are people on the right who have a complex about these totalitarians, the most incomprehensible of the right-wing fussies, compared to those nostalgic for Lenin who do not hesitate to insult by calling everything "fascist" the one who doesn't think like them, consists of the reluctance to call communists communists, as if the mere fact of calling these totalitarians by name was something objectionable or made anyone suspicious. It is nonsense that the communists dare to call all their enemies "fascists", even though they know full well that they have nothing to do with fascism, and at the same time many people on the right are afraid to call communists by name. It is time to change that attitude.

By this point in history, with everything we already know about that communist ideology, the word "communist" should have the same bad connotations as the words "nazi" or "fascist". In fact, although qualitatively they are equally despicable ideologies, communism is the totalitarian movement that has killed the most people and that has implanted the most dictatorships. We must get used to calling the communists by this name at least with total clarity and with the same self-confidence with which they they label as "fascists" all of us who disagree with their totalitarian ideas. We must to adopt this custom until the word "communist" stinks as much in our country as it stinks in countries that have suffered from those totalitarians, such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and others, where the word " communist" is just as abhorrent as the word "nazi".

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