It would facilitate the transfer of a mechanized brigade to Ceuta and Melilla

The new military logistics route of Spain and its importance in a war with Morocco

Last May, the Spanish Army inaugurated a new rail logistics route between Córdoba and Algeciras (Cádiz).

The boarding in train of more than 100 armored vehicles of the Spanish Army in Madrid
The Spanish Leopardo 2E and other allied tanks in a good video of the Latvian Army

As the Boletín Tierra of June pointed out, this route was opened with the transport of personnel and 34 armored vehicles BMR belonging to the Tercio "Duque de Alba" 2nd of the Legion, based in Ceuta, for an exercise at the Cerro Muriano Maneuver and Shooting Field (CMT), in Córdoba. The Spanish Army has published today a video about this logistics route, assisted by personnel from the Railway Company of the Regiment of Pontoons and Engineer Specialties No. 12 (RPEI 12):

The aforementioned issue of Boletín Tierra already pointed out that this logistics route already existed, but it is the first time it has been used to transport a military contingent, "which opens up many possibilities." Although the Army does not comment on it for obvious reasons, this route would be of enormous importance in the event of a war with Morocco.

An ASCOD Pizarro infantry fighting vehicle of the Brigade "Guzmán el Bueno" X on a flat wagon in January 2020 (Photo: Ejército de Tierra).

And it is that in the event that the Moroccan Army attacked the two Spanish cities in North Africa, Ceuta and Melilla, this new logistics route would allow a military force to be transferred more quickly from Córdoba to Algeciras, for its embarkation and transfer to either of those two cities. Let us remember that the Brigade "Guzmán el Bueno" X is based in Córdoba, next to the aforementioned CMT Cerro Muriano. It is a mechanized infantry brigade that is equipped, among other vehicles, with Leopard 2E tanks and ASCOD Pizarro infantry fighting vehicles.

A Leopard 2E tank of the Brigade "Guzmán el Bueno" X (Photo: Ejército de Tierra).

The aforementioned Brigade is made up of two regiments that are based in Córdoba: the "Córdoba" Armored Regiment no. 10 (RAC 10), equipped with the Leopard 2E, and the "La Reina" Infantry Regiment no 2 (RI 2). In addition, Córdoba is also home to the Campaign Artillery Group X, with M-109 self-propelled howitzers, as well as the Sapper Battalion X and the Logistics Group X. Thus, this railway route, together with the capacities offered by the "Ysabel" A-06 transport ship of the Spanish Army (operated by the Navy), would allow a harsh response in the event of a Moroccan attack. Thus, this logistics route has enormous strategic importance.

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