The helicopter used in this mission is a veteran of the Spanish Army

The spectacular rescue of a mountaineer by a Bo-105 of the Civil Guard at 2,450 meters

The Spanish Civil Guard is used to carrying out rescues in mountainous areas where others would not dare to go.

The visit of the Civil Guard to the B-52H 'Wise Guy' bomber on its deployment in Spain
The skill of the Spanish military pilots of the FAMET in a flight at the level of trees

An example of this is the recent rescue carried out by two specialists from the Mountain Rescue and Intervention Group (GREIM) and an MBB Bo-105 helicopter from the Civil Guard Air Service at Espigüete peak, in the province of Palencia. The person rescued was a 59-year-old mountaineer, who suffered a ruptured fiber in his right calf, for which he was unable to continue the march.

The rescue was carried out on the top of the aforementioned peak, at an altitude of 2,450 metres, with the helicopter maneuvering over the ledge. You can see here the video published by the Civil Guard about this rescue (the video is in Spanish, but does not have subtitles):

The Bo-105 that participated in this mission was the HU.15-68 (09-127, cn S-4.518) , a helicopter built in 1983 and that operated in the Air Mobile Forces of the Spanish Army (FAMET) until 2002, when it was transferred to the Air Service of the Civil Guard. In the Army, it had the registration HR.15-68 and the number ET-169, according to Aeronaves Militares Españolas.

The Civil Guard Air Service still has 14 Bo-105 in service. The first helicopters of this type were received by the Civil Guard in January 1973. Part of the fleet was renewed in 2002 with nine helicopters transferred by the FAMET, including the aircraft used in this rescue. These helicopters are in the process of being replaced by the most modern Airbus H135 (current designation of the Eurocopter EC-135).

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