The regional deputy of Vox dismantles the rumors of many media

The funny pause of the continuous session against Vox by Rocío Monasterio

Many years ago, in Spain there were cinemas that programmed films in a continuous session, a format that attracted many moviegoers.

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Vox and the curious things that some media are trying to sneak in as 'information'

Unlike current cinemas, which schedule movies at specific times and sell tickets for a single session, in continuous-session cinemas you could spend an entire afternoon watching different movies for the price of a single ticket. The films were broadcast continuously. This format that was very popular in Spain for decades. The rise of television ended up making continuous-session cinemas disappear, ending a golden age of cinema in Spain.

A continuous session of fiction that we now have in the Spanish media

At that time you could spend many hours in a cinema watching fiction films. Today you can do something similar on the Internet by visiting some Spanish media outlets, especially when they publish news about a political party that is the third most voted party in Spain, which has more than three million voters but is of the media is underrepresented, perhaps because -unlike the big parties, the Popular Party and the PSOE- Vox does not distribute subsidies and that prevents it from buying the favor of the media.

In the last week, we have witnessed a continuous session of fictional stories about Iván Espinosa de los Monteros as a result of his decision to leave politics to spend more time with his family, such as he himself pointed out at the press conference in which he communicated this to the media. This continuous session has ended up including all kinds of stories about his wife, Rocío Monasterio, who is a regional deputy for Vox in the Madrid Assembly.

The risk of publishing rumors and anonymous statements

A few days ago I warned here that in this case, as has happened on other occasions, many have sold us as "information" what were actually rumors and anonymous statements, that is, something impossible to verify by the audience. It has been a display of lack of rigor on the part of many media, but the problem for them is that these bad professional practices can turn against them.

Rocío Monasterio denies the rumors about her husband

Yesterday, the newspaper El Mundo -one of the outlets that have taken part in this continuous session of fiction about Vox- published statements by Rocío Monasterio. You can read the news here without the paywall. In the text, Rocío demolishes many rumors about her husband that were published by different media and reaffirms what he announced at that press conference: "Iván's decision is part of of a family plan. It's more natural. He has decided to step back to dedicate himself to care. In our family it has been a difficult year. What Iván has done is very interesting. Quite a feminist if you think about it. Feminists, what will they say now?"

Rocío adds: "We've had a very complicated year. Politics wears us down a lot. Both on us and on the children", and points out that one of her daughters "has been hospitalized for a month " in a hospital, so "Iván now prefers to focus on taking care of us." If a politician of the left-wing had done this, feminists would applaud. However, a politician on the right-wing has done it and what has happened is that instead of receiving applause, Iván has suffered a ton of hoaxes.

The Vox deputy also denies the hoaxes about her

In that interview, Rocío also denied the alleged attempts to make her resign, yet another story that some media have published: "In danger? I'm not in danger", says the Vox deputy. In addition, Rocío sympathizes with Jorge Buxadé for the rumors that have spread about him and affirms: "We get along great." Rocío also points out: "As in all parties, in Vox there are different ideas. We have different visions of reality. They are small nuances. We are not homogeneous. Maybe I am more interested in art, that I am more cultured, and he is more conservative, but it doesn't mean anything."

Finally, Roció debunks another hoax: "I didn't ask to go on the lists of Congress nor would I have let my husband negotiate on my behalf". The Vox deputy regrets the treatment that many journalists have given her: "I have suffered a lot of machism in the media. It is always the same: him and his wife. Hey, the Vox spokeswoman in the Assembly will have its own criteria, right?" The slap to the creators of hoaxes has been fabulous, and the pause that Rocío has made to this continuous session of false stories about Vox has It has even been funny, because this brave woman has left many media in ridicule, including the newspaper that publishes the interview.

It depends on us that this has more diffusion than the hoaxes

Now the question is: Will these statements by Rocío Monasterio be more widely disseminated than rumors and anonymous statements? Will some continue with the continuous session of fictional stories about Vox after having come across as liars? ? I am not a fortune teller, although knowing the Spanish media and the shamelessness of some, I am very much afraid that they will continue with their films. As for the dissemination of Rocío's words, it depends on those of us who are committed to the truth. If you get fed up with so many lies, don't settle for reading those statements and share them, please.


Photo: Vox

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