Residents of the island applaud the Air Force personnel for their bravery

The applause to the aviators of the 43 Group who fight against the forest fire in Tenerife

There are jobs that are not paid with a salary: they require a clear vocation and a great spirit of dedication and service to others.

Heroes between the flames: the images of the soldiers of the UME in the fire of Tenerife
The spectacular exhibition of a Spanish Eurofighter over Gijón seen from its cockpit

Firefighting aircraft aviators are an example of this type of people whose vocation pushes them to take risks that others would not face in any way. An example of this is the members of the 43rd Group of the Spanish Air Force, who have been fighting the serious fire that the island of Tenerife is suffering for days, in the Canary Islands, with their Canadair CL- 215T and CL-415.

On Monday, the channel The Fighter Community posted a video showing the uploads of water being made by the seaplanes of the 43rd Group in front of the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a water that is later launched against the flames that are devastating the interior of the island:

Even more impressive is the video published yesterday by that same channel, in which we see the low visibility with which these seaplanes fly on one of the fronts of the fire:

Flying in these conditions is not only problematic in terms of visibility, but also because of the danger of ash entering the engines and other aircraft systems. That means more work for the ground crew. Here we can see a photo published yesterday by Ala 46 in which we see the firefighters from the Gando Air Base, in Gran Canaria, giving one of the 43 Group planes a good wash after a day of hard work:

Of course, the residents of Tenerife feel grateful to these heroes. Here you can see the applause that the aviators of the 43 Group are receiving in the port of Tenerife:

The shows of support are daily, and the aviators of the 43 Group have thanked them with this published photo by the Spanish Air Force:

You are the best! 👏


Main image: The Fighter Community.

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