The minister shows that she does not know how the football industry works

The ridiculous idea of the communist Yolanda Díaz that could liquidate women's football

Communism is an ideology that has sown the world with hunger and misery with its crazy economic recipes.

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At this point in history, listening to a communist formulating economic recipes should be something that provokes laughter . However, in Spain this is not the case. We live in the only country in Europe that has communists on its Council of Ministers. Here the communists continue to spread their economic nonsense and there are still ignoramuses who buy it from them, as if they were brilliant occurrences.

Díaz complains that women soccer players earn less than men

This Monday, the communist Yolanda Díaz, second vice president of the government and minister of Labor, announced that it will mobilize the Labor Inspectorate in "a campaign focused on controlling pay discrimination in professional soccer clubs or sports limited companies". Díaz announced that she intends to avoid "discrimination for gender reasons", and added: "What cannot be is that there are pay differences for being women". The note from her ministry indicates that Díaz "has recalled the abysmal salary differences between women's soccer professionals and her male colleagues."

Professional women's soccer generates much less income than men's

This woman shows that she has no idea about economics or how the professional soccer industry works. As Rafa López pointed out yesterday, the Professional Women's Soccer League has contracts for a total amount of 36 million euros over five years for their television broadcasting rights. It is a very small amount if we take into account that the men's League sold its television rights last season for 4,950 million euros until 2027.

The problem of not understanding the basic rules of economics

Those numbers mean that professional men's teams earn much more and are able to reward their players better than professional women's teams. Is it a discriminatory situation? No, in the same way that it is not discrimination that the players of a team like Celta de Vigo earn less than those of Real Madrid or those of Fútbol Club Barcelona.

Quite simply, men's soccer has many more fans than women's, even among women, and that makes it more profitable. There are many more people willing to pay for television content related to men's soccer than to women's soccer. If Yolanda Díaz wants to change that, she just has to convince people to change their tastes, although being a communist, the most likely thing is that she is determined to impose her personal tastes on others.

Sending the Labor Inspectorate to examine whether there is equal pay between companies with such disparate incomes is as absurd as chasing Apple for paying its employees better than a small technology company with far fewer sales. Yolanda Díaz's problem is that she, as the communist that she is, does not understand the basic rules of the economy and does not believe in the free market. Communism prefers a planned economy, that is, without freedom or private initiative, something incompatible with a free and democratic society.

Will Diaz penalize women's teams for paying too little?

The question now is: how does Yolanda Díaz intend to resolve this alleged discrimination? Will she penalize the women's teams for paying lower salaries than the men's teams? It would be a measure consistent with the economic nonsense of this minister. And by the way, it would be an idea that would liquidate women's football, since it would bankrupt their clubs, since they would be unable to pay such high salaries with their current income. The alternative could be to penalize the men's teams for having very high salaries, but based on what standard? Even among the men's teams there are different rewards depending on how good each player is.

A Minister of Labor who is the European champion of unemployment

Instead of dedicating herself to creating absurd controversies in the world of soccer, what Yolanda Díaz should do is resign. It is shameful that the Minister of Labor of the country with the highest unemployment rate in Europe starts doing this nonsense to get some publicity in the media. The leftist recipes of the coalition government of Pedro Sánchez, made up of socialists and communists, have led Spain to a very difficult economic situation, with many citizens whose income does not reach them until the end of the month and taxpayers who they suffer fiscal plunder to finance political waste and indecent vote-buying by the government. And in the midst of this situation, what worries Yolanda Díaz is setting up an absurd feminist posturing with soccer. Resign now and leave the Spanish in peace, Mrs. Díaz.


Photo: Europa Press.

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