Infamous PCE message about Lenin, a tyrant and author of crimes of genocide

Communist partners of Pedro Sánchez call to follow the 'example' of a brutal dictator

Spain is the only country in the European Union that has communist ministers, that is, they are supporters of a totalitarian ideology.

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Scandalous message from the PCE, a party in which two ministers are members

The communists have never won a general election in Spain. If they are in the government, it is because Pedro Sánchez and his Socialist Party have decided to ally themselves with those totalitarians. This has political implications for the Spanish, starting with the scandalous fact of having militants in the government from a party that celebrates dictators and mass criminals: the Communist Party of Spain (PCE).

There are two ministers of Pedro Sánchez who are members of the PCE: Yolanda Díaz, second vice president of the government and Minister of Labor, and Alberto Garzón, Minister of Consumption. Yesterday, on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Lenin, the party of these two ministers published a message praising that communist dictator:

"#OnThisDay in 1870 #Lenin was born. He led the Russian Revolution and the USSR until his death, after decades of struggle, prison and exile, opening an era of unprecedented social advances. His work and his example are a guide for those of us who aspire to change the world from the ground up. #LeninLives"

Here you can see a screenshot of that infamous message:

A coup leader who seized power by force after losing an election

It must be remembered that Lenin seized power in Russia through a coup d'état with which he liquidated the newly appeared Russian democracy, which emerged after the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II. Lenin's communists seized power by force after losing the Russian elections to the SRs. That the PCE puts him as an "example" to follow defines what that party thinks about democracy.

We must also remember that the first thing that Lenin's communist dictatorship did was pass a press censorship law, a censorship that was imposed in all the communist dictatorships that came after. Among the first decisions of that totalitarian regime was also the creation of a political police, the Cheka, known for its perverse methods of torture and its murders of political prisoners.

A dictator who killed more than a million people in 6 years

Lenin's regime of terror was also known for its violations of other human rights, such as religious freedom, with fierce persecution against Christians, Jews and other religious denominations, destroying thousands of temples and torturing and< strong> assassinating tens of thousands of clergy and religious.

Likewise, Lenin resorted to mass executions to liquidate the strikes (paradoxically, the same type of protest that the communists had supported to undermine the tsarist regime), he massively executed prisoners of war and created a large network of concentration camps, the Gulag, which in October 1923, just 4 years after it was founded, already consisted of 315 camps with 70,000 political prisoners, subjected to the most inhumane conditions.

In 2016 I have already exposed here -with data, numbers and images- Lenin's regime of terror, whose dictatorship murdered more than a million people in six years, that is, ten times more than the highest death toll some historians attribute to the Franco dictatorship in almost 40 years. How can one criticize Francoism and at the same time praise Lenin, if not from the most absolute cynicism? In the end, the PCE makes it clear that it did not oppose the Franco regime because it was a dictatorship, but rather because it was not a communist dictatorship.

You cannot be a democrat and govern with those totalitarians

It is shameful for Spain to have a party in government that extols a brutal dictator and sets him up as an example. And it is also the last straw, that this same government dares to boast of "democratic memory" and to use that concept to rewrite our history to the liking of those who praise mass criminals like Lenin. If these totalitarians are in the government, it is because of Pedro Sánchez and the PSOE, who decided to agree with them. The socialists and their allies are not in a position to teach anyone a lesson in democracy. You cannot be a democrat and form a government with totalitarians who admire a brutal dictator who committed a true genocide.


Photo: Europa Press.

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