The plane flew with a Polish flag painted on its right stabilizer

The amazing skill of Belgian pilot Steven 'Vrieske' De Vries with an F-16 fighter

On August 26 and 27, the traditional Radom air festival was held in Poland, one of the best events of its kind in Central Europe.

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This year's this year's program air festival included F-16 fighters from Poland, Belgium, Denmark and Greece. All the pilots demonstrated great maneuverability at the controls of this excellent and veteran fighter, which proved to continue to be an excellent air defense system.

In Radom, one F-16 pilot stood out especially: pilot Steven "Vrieske" De Vries. He is already a veteran of the Belgian Army Air Component, as got the wings from him in 1992 . He has taken part in his country's operations in Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia, Afghanistan, the Baltic republics, Iraq and Syria. In 2021 he He became the first non-American pilot to exceed 5,000 flight hours in the F-16.

Vrieske currently flies with the F-16 Solo Display Team of the Belgian Army Air Component, which it traveled to Radom with the colors of the Polish Flag painted on its right stabilizer (a nice touch). The Radom Air Festival reserved the last number of the event for this veteran pilot, which was a great finale for this edition.

In Spain we usually say that experience is a degree and this Belgian pilot demonstrates it by flying. He already put on a great display at the RIAT in July in England, but his display of it in Radom was truly amazing, with maneuvers I've never seen from any other pilot with an F-16. AirshowStuffVideos published an excellent video of that exhibition this Wednesday:


Photos: AirshowStuffVideos / F-16 Solo Display Team.

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