The photos were taken from the Spanish A400M deployed in that country

The beautiful images of two Spanish Eurofighter Typhoons flying over Estonia

On August 1, the Spanish Air Force deployed eight Eurofighter Typhoon fighters and an A400M Atlas tanker aircraft to Estonia.

The strong deployment of Spanish military aircrafts in a very conflictive place in Europe
Eurofighter vs F-15EX Eagle II for Poland: Spanish fighters are put as an example

The fighters belong to Wing 11, based in Morón (Seville), while the tanker plane is of the Wing 31, based in Zaragoza. It is the largest deployment made by Spain in a NATO Baltic Air Police (BAP) mission, a type of mission in which Spain has been participating for years in the Baltic republics, since that these countries, with very reduced armed forces, lack combat aircraft to be able to face the frequent Russian incursions.

The Spanish contingent is called Detachment Ámbar and is deployed at the Ämari Air Base, in northwest Estonia. This is an area of great strategic importance, since it dominates access to the Gulf of Finland, where Russian military ships circulate from the Kronstadt naval base, west of Saint Petersburg, where there is the command of the Russian Baltic Sea fleet.

This Tuesday, the Spanish Defense General Staff published on its Flickr account a series of photos taken of two of the Eurofighters deployed in Estonia. In these photos we specifically see the C.16-32 (11-32) and the C.16-52 (11-52) in photos taken from the rear ramp of the aforementioned A400M tanker plane. You can see those beautiful photos below. In one of the images, the one at the top of this entry, we see the two fighters launching flares, decoys used to mislead air-to-air missiles guided by heat.

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