A video by Hilux Aventura shows the architectural jewels of this place

A spectacular abandoned town in Soria in which only one inhabitant remains

With almost 90,000 inhabitants, Soria is the least populated province in Spain and the one with the least population density in the entire country.

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Furthermore, Soria is one of the oldest provinces in Spain and also in Europe. Of the 183 municipalities that make up this province, 116 have less than 100 inhabitants. Of its 500 population centers, 115 have less than 10 inhabitants, and 89 towns are already uninhabited. For this reason, Soria is one of the most cited provinces when it comes to talking about what is known today like emptied Spain.

Many of these depopulated areas are the result of a population exodus from the rural world to the cities that began decades ago. Currently, the city of Soria represents almost 45% of the population of its province. One of the reasons for this exodus, in the case of Soria, is not only the rural character of the province, but also its altitude. The average altitude of the province exceeds 1,000 meters (the capital is at 1,063), and being far from the sea, that means cold and harsh winters.

This Tuesday, the channel Hilux Aventura published an interesting video in which it shows a spectacular abandoned town in Soria, with beautiful stone houses and truly impressive hydraulic works. Only one person lives permanently in this town (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic English subtitles in the bottom bar of the player):

You can see some screenshots of the video here, as a minimal preview of the many interesting things that can be seen in it. Here we see the stone houses of the town.

As you can see, the streets were not paved. A large part of the houses were also built for use in livestock and agricultural work. The video shows some of these impressive houses from the inside, with traditional architecture that causes amazement.

One of the parts that impressed me the most in the video is this water pipe, which moved a mill inside, apparently to generate electricity. I encourage you to watch the video because it shows the vault of this tunnel, made with stone without mortar. A work of traditional engineering that one day, sadly, could be forgotten.

This is the town church. The tower, of considerable height, has three stone faces and one adobe face. This strange form of construction is its doom: that tower will end up collapsing sooner or later. We are contemplating the last gleam of splendor of what must have been a bustling town in the past.

Many thanks to Hilux Aventura for these videos, which help ensure that these jewels do not fall into oblivion.

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