Gas and rubber balls were used to break up a demonstration in Ferraz, Madrid

Marlaska did not allow the Police to defend themselves from a separatist attack and now orders an attack on a peaceful demonstration

In Spain it is not common to see the National Police using tear gas to break up a demonstration. At least until now.

Harsh criticism from the Police against the charge ordered by the government in Madrid
Statement of the General Council of the Judiciary of Spain against the amnesty: it is “a serious violation of fundamental rights”

The use of tear gas is exceptional and is limited to the most violent demonstrations. It is not even common to see the use of these riot control measures against dangerous and violent fans of soccer teams. However, today we have seen an unusual image in Madrid: the National Police launching smoke canisters against a peaceful demonstration. In fact, the Police very calmly lit the first smoke canister to disperse the protesters who were behind some barriers. He did it with complete tranquility, as we see in this video published by Vox deputy Rocío de Meer.

The former Vox deputy Víctor Sánchez del Real has published these images of the smoke canisters used by the Police to break up that peaceful demonstration, in which there were even children and the elderly.

In addition to the use of tear gas, at the end of this video shots are heard, a sign that the Police fired rubber bullets:

The orders received by the Police to dissolve this demonstration (because the agents do not dissolve a peaceful demonstration a few meters from the headquarters of the government party, without having received express orders to do so) are not the same ones that the Police received two years ago, on September 11, 2021, when a mob of violent separatists attacked the Barcelona Headquarters and the agents did not even defend themselves from the attack, probably after receiving orders to that effect. Here is a video of what happened:

After that attack, police unions harshly criticized Marlaska's orders not to allow the Police to defend themselves against that attack. He is the same minister who today is responsible for the order to dissolve that demonstration.

Two weeks ago, very violent scenes were seen in Orense in a firefighter protest, in which the protesters launched harsh attacks against the Police, firing fire extinguishers at the officers. In this case smoke canisters were not released either (what is seen at point 0:41 of the video is not smoke from the Police, but rather the fire extinguishers fired by the firefighters):

In Spain, not only is a double standard applied on a legal level, granting criminal privileges to the government's allies and erasing their criminal record (as Sánchez intends to do with his amnesty), but also Very different orders are issued that also favor the government's allies, even when they resort to violence. And all this with Congress without activity, waiting for Sánchez's inauguration, and without the opposition being able to ask the government for explanations for this police action that is totally out of place.

Criticism of the charge from the Police itself

+ UPDATED 0:01h: Josema Vallejo, national police and vice president of the association Police S.XXI, has published this message on Twitter a half ago time: "Sources from the device confirm that they have YES used tear gas. Means that the government does not usually allow to be used even against the most violent radicals. From my always defense of police actions, I must say that this, today, is INDEFENDABLE. The enemy is the one who gives the orders. He who obeys them, goes with his conscience."

+ UPDATED 0:09h: The police union Jupol has also denounced that these means "were NOT authorized in Catalonia", in reference to the disturbances caused by the separatists in that region.

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