A veteran helmet still active in the 173rd Airborne Brigade

The video of a US Army sergeant showing how to configure an ACH helmet

The ACH (Advanced Combat Helmet) helmet has been in service in the United States Army for 20 years. He was the replacement for the famous Mich.

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Currently, the ACH is in the process of being replaced by a more modern helmet, the ECH (Enhanced Combat Helmet). However, this already veteran combat helmet remains active in many units of the United States Army, among them the 173rd Airborne Brigade (the famous "Sky Soldiers"), whose only Infantry Regiment, the 503rd, is based in Vicenza, Italy.

A few days ago, Sergeant Pous, of the 2nd Battalion of that Regiment, known as "The Rock" published an interesting video showing how the ACH is configured according to the standards of his Battalion:

The video begins with the helmet disassembled. We can see inside the 20 circular Velcro adhesives to which the pads that go inside the helmet are attached.

The first thing is to attach the cover. In this case it has the OCP camouflage pattern, derived from Multicam and which is currently active in the US Army, replacing the digital AT (also known as ACU).

Here we see the screwing of the accessory to which the night vision glasses are fixed. It is mounted on the camouflage cover.

The strips that hold the tape with the so-called "cat eyes", two phosphorescent strips that go on the back of the helmet and are used to locate companions at night. These tapes have been used since the Vietnam War. The one we see in the video, as well as the fastening strips, is gray, a sign that it was part of this soldier's digital AT camouflage equipment.

The placement of protective glasses. They are very useful in heliborne operations, to protect the eyes from the entry of dust raised by the helicopter rotors.

Finally, a classic of the US airborne forces: the camouflage net.

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