The city was almost abandoned after the Abkhazian separatist war in 1993

Akarmara, a beautiful ghost town that was built by German prisoners of World War II

In northwest Georgia there is a ghost town that surprises with the beauty of its buildings, today invaded by vegetation.

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Like many former towns in the Soviet Union, the origin of Akarmara is related to mining exploitation. It was the reason for the founding of this town in 1938, during Stalin's dictatorship. In 1942, during the World War II, Akarmara was administratively united with the city of Tkvarcheli. After the war, many German prisoners of war were brought to this place to work on building construction. The result was that Akarmara was provided with some neoclassical buildings typical of Western Europe, including two hospitals, a school, a market, a cinema, a restaurant, a house of culture, a hotel and a train station.

Before the disappearance of the USSR, Akarmara had about 5,000 inhabitants. The city acquired a certain fame as a spa, due to its springs and radon baths. In 1991, Akarmara became part of the Republic of Georgia, after its independence from the USSR. However, in June 1992 there was an armed uprising in Abkhazia supported by Russia, which triggered a war in which separatist forces carried out ethnic cleansing, killing tens of thousands of Georgians living in Abkhazia. that region. Akarmara was devastated during the Battle of Kvarcheli (1992-1993). After the war, only five families remained in the city.

Today, Akarmara is part of the self-proclaimed Republic of Abkhazia, a region of Georgia under Russian control that is only recognized internationally by five countries: Russia, Nauru, Nicaragua, Syria and Venezuela. Akarmara is being invaded by vegetation and has become a curious tourist destination. Yesterday, the YouTube channel Ninurta published a fascinating video touring its ruins:

You can see here some screenshots of the video, which begins with this old railway tunnel, now abandoned. The tracks have been removed, leaving only the sleepers.

The formidable Akarmara railway bridge, with a style unusual in the USSR. It is also abandoned.

An avalanche tunnel of the railway line that led to Akarmara.

A dilapidated Soviet military truck in the middle of ruined buildings, in the urban area of Akarmara.

One of the beautiful buildings built by the German prisoners in Akarmara, in the style of Western European architecture.

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