From sewers and subway lines to the Kola Superdeep Borehole

Voyage to the bottom of the Earth: these are the deepest underground structures

Although humans have been able to reach the Moon, there is a very unexplored world under our feet: the depths of the Earth.

The beautiful ghost station of the New York Subway that was designed by a Spaniard
Kola: a report explains what the USSR found in the world's deepest borehole

That underground world, always fascinating, is the subject of a new video by Álvaro Gracia Montoya, author of the excellent YouTube channel MetaBallStudios, which publishes excellent computer comparisons. This Sunday he published a trip to the bottom of the Earth, visiting the deepest known structures, from the sewers that are a short distance from the surface to the Kola superdeep well, which we already talked about here, passing through various and fascinating places, including the Wieliczka mine, in Poland, which we also saw here.

The video, like the others on that channel, is really well done. As a curious fact, the enigmatic soundtrack is the song "Algo" composed by Iker Jiménez, the popular presenter of the program "Cuarto Milenio":

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