The building was not finished and has been abandoned for decades

The strange rotating house found by an explorer in a forest in Ontario, Canada

On the Internet you can find many videos and articles published by urban explorers showing all types of abandoned houses.

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There are large mansions, ruined buildings, cabins in the woods, farms, etc., but until now I have not seen anything as strange as the house found by an urban explorer in the middle of a forest in the province of Ontario, in southeastern Canada. Beyond the curious appearance of the house, the characteristic that makes it really strange is that the house is located on a rotating platform.

It is worth wondering for what purpose a home was intended to be built like this, if this building was for residential use. It seems unlikely that it was ever moved, as the building has been abandoned for decades and was never completed. Here you can see the video of this exploration, published by Abandoned Urbex Canada on 7 January:

You can see some screenshots of this video below. This is the house, located on a circular concrete base. It has two double-pitched roofs, located on the rotating platform, which is shaped like a decagon.

The concrete base of the house. It looks like a large platform for a coastal artillery gun, but above there is nothing resembling the base of a cannon. There are clear signs that there was a fire, perhaps that is why the construction was abandoned.

There are several abandoned vehicles outside the house. From their appearance, they appear to be from the 1960s or 1970s. According to the author of the video, the house was abandoned in the 1970s or 1980s.

The interior of one of the abandoned vehicles. It must have been standing there for decades.

A commentator on the video points out this possible explanation about this house:

"Just an early solar home which was rotated for sun tracking. The concrete basement would collect the sun heat which would be released at night to heat the house during the winter months. I've been in afew houses such as this back in the late 70's which were very unique and ahead of their time. Someone didn't quite finish their project."

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