An exercise of the Parachute Brigade 'Almogávares' VI (BRIPAC)

A spectacular video of Spanish soldiers training as precision shooters

Sharpshooters are among the best-trained soldiers in an army, due to the complex and risky nature of their missions.

The Spanish Army achieves the first two places in a NATO sniper contest
Val de Diestro: this is the shooting range of the Spanish Army's precision shooters

These missions not only include elimination of valuable targets or suppression of threats, but also reconnaissance and intelligence work in hostile areas. Their work requires a great capacity for concentration, stealth and patience. The Spanish Army has published today a spectacular video in which it shows the training of precision shooters of the "Almogávares" VI Parachute Brigade (BRIPAC):

You can see here some screenshots of the video with some notes.

A shooter with his Barrett M-95 precision rifle. It is a very powerful 12.7x99 NATO caliber weapon, with a lethal range of up to 1,800 meters and anti-material capability.

In the video we see a stalking exercise, with the soldiers slowly crawling on the ground to reach their shooting position without being seen, for which they are camouflaged with ghillie suits like the one we see in this image.

A shooter aiming his Barrett M-95. This soldier wears a camouflage ghillie suit to mask his position.

A shooter aiming his Barrett M-95 from inside a building. To avoid being detected, these types of shots are fired from the inside, at a distance from the window, to take advantage of shadow coverage. of the enclosure. In this case the shooter rests his M95 on a tripod.

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