Pedro Sánchez's party wants to "strengthen relations" with the CPC

The immoral meeting of the PSOE with the single party of the largest dictatorship in the world

The double standard that is applied in the media for the right and the left is reaching its most repugnant extremes.

CPC: The facts that many people ignore about the world's largest criminal organization
The illegal police stations of communist China in Spain and the silence of Sánchez

Let's imagine for a moment what would happen if a conservative party like Vox organized a public meeting with a neo-nazi group, and that the meeting was also held at its national headquarters hours before the start of the election campaign European. The reaction of many would be logical indignation and Vox would suffer an avalanche of criticism in the media, rightly so. The left has already been falsely accusing Vox of being "fascist", so let's imagine what would happen after something like that. The fact is that Vox has never done anything similar: it is a democratic party that relates to democratic parties and has never maintained any relationship with anti-democratic parties.

The PSOE and Vice President Montero meet with the Communist Party of China

The same does not happen with the left. This Thursday, the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE), that is, the party led by the president of the government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, held a cordial meeting yesterday with the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Madrid. It is not mere speculation: the PSOE has announced the meeting on its official website, showing photos of the event. The meeting was attended by CPC leaders, including Yin Li, a member of its Political Bureau of the Central Committee.

Beyond some generalities, the PSOE has not specifically explained what topics were discussed at the meeting, which took place hours before the start of the European election campaign and which was attended by presence of María Jesús Montero, first vice president of the Government and Minister of Finance, who dressed in a red Chinese-style dress with a Mao collar, matching her guests (remember that the CPC has political commissars in the main Chinese companies, which turns them into tentacles of that party in the Western countries in which they are active).

The PSOE intends to "strengthen relations" with the CPC

Regarding this meeting, the PSOE has stated:"Both parties have emphasized the importance of consolidating practical cooperation and strengthening relations between the PSOE and the Communist Party of China. The meeting has concluded with the commitment to continue working to improve bilateral exchanges of experiences and good practices that benefit both countries and their citizens." What experiences and "good practices" will the PSOE exchange with the CPC? How to violate human rights and how to govern a country for three quarters of a century without free elections and persecuting the democratic opposition, perhaps?

The CPC is the only party of the largest dictatorship in the world

In case anyone is unaware of this fact, the CPC is the only party of the Chinese communist dictatorship. Currently the People's Republic of China has 1,412 million inhabitants, so we are talking about the largest dictatorship in the world. This makes the CPC the largest criminal organization in the world, dedicated to supporting an undemocratic regime that violates human rights and are committing genocide against the Uyghur people in The inside of the country.

Likewise, communist China occupies 19th place on the list of 50 countries that most persecute Christians, whose churches suffer frequent demolition operations by that dictatorship. Likewise, the CPC regime occupies 172nd out of a total of 180 on the world list of press freedom, behind dictatorships such as Venezuela, Russia, Belarus and Cuba.

A party founded by one of the greatest genocidaires in history

We must also remember that the CCP was founded by the dictator Mao Tse-Tung, one of the greatest genocidaires in history. His regime was responsible for one of the greatest crimes of genocide in history, known as "Great Leap Forward", which resulted in between 20 and 43 million deaths. That criminal dedicated himself to persecuting and murdering religious groups and invaded Tibet, killing tens of thousands of Tibetans. The dictatorship established by Mao still exists and the illegal occupation of Tibet continues today.

This communist dictatorship has been governing millions of Chinese for 75 years without free elections, under the yoke of the PPCh, converted into a great corruption machine and an organization dedicated to strengthening the interests of that undemocratic regime in everything. the world. Currently, of all the dictatorships in the world, none has killed as many people as the CCP dictatorship. No democratic party should have relations with such an organization. However, The Sánchez government allows the illegal presence of Chinese police stations, without so far offering any explanation for this scandal that became known in 2022.

The fact of holding a meeting as immoral as this one hours before the start of an electoral campaign shows that the PSOE does not have the slightest shame and does not mind being photographed with the worst tyrants in the world. He does not even hesitate to announce that he meets with them to exchange "experiences" and "good practices", statements that make clear the extent to which the Socialist Party is a threat to our democracy.


Photos: PSOE.

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