An interesting Aventuras Entresierras route through Western Andalusia

A tour of military ruins, a ghost town and beautiful places in Córdoba and Jaén

Andalusia is a Spanish region full of fascinating places and ruins that are ideal for lovers of urban exploration.

The old stone towns of the Sierra de los Filabres and the Calar Alto Observatory
A spectacular off-road route through the Sierra de Gádor, its mines and its refuges

Today, my favorite YouTube channel, Aventuras Entresierras (which I recommend you subscribe to if If you like all topics related to urban exploration) has published an interesting video that takes a tour of the Sierra Sur de Jaén, starting in the province of Córdoba, with some locations that have truly spectacular landscapes, as you can see for yourselves.

This time the adventure begins with some old military positions from the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), specifically on the national side, located near the town of Zamoranos (Córdoba), in two places known as Cerro de la Taberna and Cerro del Cercado, and also some positions of the Republican side in Cerro de los Molares, where we can see an air raid shelter dug into the living rock. Furthermore, we already have the furry Alfred back, recovered from the injuries of terrible attack she suffered three months ago by other dogs.

Next, the video shows us some formidable aerial images of the Cortijo del Salobral Palace, an ancient property of the Counts of Luque (Córdoba), now in ruins. The next stop on the way is Río Frío (Jaén), a beautiful reservoir of water that drains from the Sierra de la Pandera, ideal for spending a cool time on hot days.

From there, the explorers continue to the former Transmission Center No. 4 (CT4) of the Army, located in La Pandera, the highest point of the Sierra Sur de Jaén (at a height of 1,872 meters). ) and that according to Amigosdelamili.combegan operating in 1973, with a staff of 60 soldiers under the command of a captain. The Ministry of Defense abandoned it and transferred those facilities in 1998 to the City Council of Los Villares (Jaén). Today, unfortunately, the facilities are abandoned and vandalized, although the antennas continue to function autonomously, according to the video.

Finally, the explorers continue their route to the nearby Refugio Peña Del Altar, a place at 1,803 meters high and with beautiful views, where they spent the night, to visit the next day the ghost town of Otíñar (Jaén) strong>, which is located within private property, so it is necessary to ask permission from the owners to visit it (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic subtitles in English in the bottom bar of the player):

You can see some screenshots of this video here. Here we see some of the positions of the Civil War in the Cerro de la Taberna, near Zamoranos (Córdoba):

Below these lines, the ruins of the old Palace of the Counts of Luque:

The old facilities of Transmission Center No. 4. In the video you can see an exploration of its interior:

A house in ruins in the ghost town of Otíñar (Jaén), which can be seen at the end of the video:

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