The United States Marine Corps Also Congratulates Christmas in Spanish

On December 24, the official Youtube channel of the US Marine Corps released a Christmas video with congratulations from marines and sailors on various ships.

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A detail that I especially liked is that two Marines have said “Feliz Navidad” (minutes 0:48 and 1:15). In the first case we can not see the nametape -it is what they call here what in the Spanish Armed Forces is called “galleta”, the patch where the surname is shown-, but the second one has a Hispanic surname:

It must be remembered that according to data from the 2015 census, in the United States 40.5 million Spanish speakers and 7.8 million people who are learning Spanish. Currently, 13.3% of the population of the country has Spanish as the language of habitual use in their home.

Just as I congratulated our military deployed abroad, from here I also want to congratulate these holidays to the US military stationed in Spain, both the Marines of the base of Morón and the members of the US Navy that are stationed in the Rota naval base. After all, they are allies and they also contribute to our security.

Merry Christmas! ¡Feliz Navidad!

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