Far-leftists prevent a debate at the university of this Spanish city

Seville: Hembrists And Far-Leftists Violate Freedom Of Expression Through Threats

Today was expected the celebration of a debate about the ideology of gender in the University of Seville, but it has not been possible because a group of far-leftist has blown out the event.

Translation by Ángel Manuel García Carmona

Neither a minute of silence for killed woman was respected

The newspaper Actuall has posted a video where the troublemakers can be watched shouting out the slang “we’re going to burn the Bishops Conference”. The event has been to be suspended due to the fact they have not stopped to shout out nor during the minute of silence dedicated to the woman that have been killed by their husbands. With this lack of respect, they have demonstrated their real attitude towards these woman.

They shouted out the same slogans than sympathizers of ETA terrorist group

Apart from attacking the freedom of speech of those who does not share their opinions, far-leftists have called out the same slogan than ETA terrorist group sympathizers (“you, fascists, are the terrorists”) as we can see in this video published by the delegation of El Club de los Viernes in Seville:

The manager of the university prevent the entrance of the Police

According to Actuall, Police was informed about the irruption of troublemakers in the event, but the manager of the University of Seville, Juan Ignacio Ferraro, has prevent Police to come in, giving total impunity to far leftists. It’s intolerable that a public university, that is financed by all tax payers, let those raging lunatics preventing the rest of people to exercise their freedom of speech. The University of Seville ought to dismiss those individual, and also condemn that attack to freedom of speech in its enclosure.

Podemos follows the communist guide against the freedom of speech

We have to remember that Podemos requested before the censorship of the event because the topic and the guests were not satisfying for them. It’s not the first them that members of a far left party are involved in actions against the freedom of speech in a public university. We have to remember that Pablo Iglesias, the leader of Podemos, participated, in 2010, in an attack to a conference of Rosa Díez in the Complutense University of Madrid. In addition, last year, he supported some far left thugs that blew out a conference in the UAM. The attacks of these far-leftists to the freedom of speech are based on the way of action of groups that respond to orders of dictatorships such as the Cuban, where the “Committees for the Defense of the Revolution” guard, harass and silence to the dissidents of that Marxist regime. Regarding this, Podemos only follows strictly the communist manual to attack the freedom of speech, an attack that is something systematic where people whose ideology is the same than Pablo Iglesias have reached the political power.

They want to be the only people that could express themselves

We are facing with serious facts: some fanatics who hate the liberty pretend that we also ask them for being able to give an opinion or discuss, in basis to coactions, threats and, also, the violence to silence those who does not have the same opinions than them. The 20th article of the Constitution guarantees the right to “express and spread freely the thoughts, ideas and opinions by the word, the writing or another reproduction media”, and signs, in addition, that the exercise of this right “cannot be restricted by any kind of previous censorship”. Podemos wants to convert Spain in a dictatorship where only they and their relatives can have the right to express their ideas, being forced the rest of people to remain silent. It’s a situation similar to that of countries with which they have a good relationship, such as Cuba, Venezuela and Iran. Personally, I have clear: I refuse to remain silent. Spanish does not have assumed lots of sacrifices and efforts to consolidate a democracy in our mother country to be destroyed by trashy totalitarians.

Victims of the attack resort to justice

+ 16:15h: As Vox reported in a bulletin, the associations Despierta and Voceando por ti Sevilla -organizers of the debate- presented last night a complaint in the Court of Guard of Seville against the authors of the attack on freedom of expression in the University of Seville. In addition, Alicia Rubio is studying with her lawyers to go to court "for what is a clear crime of incitement to hatred and violence." Vox is also going to file a complaint "for inciting hatred and violence and for ideological discrimination." In addition, Vox has published this video of the attack in which you can see the moment in which the far-leftists began to burst the event:

+16: 39h: The University of Seville "deeply regrets" in a statement the incidents provoked yesterday by the breakers of the debate, "since they go against which essentially defines the university spirit: freedom of thought, debate of ideas and tolerance."

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