The Counselor of Education has been silent before the far-leftist harassment

A Spanish Teacher Is Dismissed As Head Of Studies For Opposing Gender Ideology

It was consumed the outrage before the harassment of Podemos and the silence of the Popular Party (PP) in Spain. This morning the cloister of the institute where she works has dismissed teacher Alicia Rubio as head of studies.

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Two councilors of Podemos participated in a harassment against the teacher

In mid-March Podemos organized an "escrache" against this teacher at her workplace, in which two councilors of the far-left party participated . The excuse of the far-leftists to try to intimidate this teacher is that she is the author of the book "When we were prohibited from being women... and they persecuted you for being men", a work in which she denies the postulates of the gender ideology from diverse fields as anthropology, neurophysiology, anatomy and, above all, reality, common sense and everyday experience. Encouraged by the harassment of Podemos, the cloister and the fathers association tried to resign Alicia for purely ideological reasons, a resignation to which the teacher refused. In fact, she has already indicated that she intends to file a complaint against Podemos by harassment.

The autonomous government of Madrid is silent before the harassment

The following day, the citizen platform addressed a request to Rafael de Grieken, counselor of Education of Madrid, to give his support to the teacher before the campaign of harassment of Podemos. The petition was signed by more than 42,000 people, but the Counselor was silent, leaving an Alicia Rubio alone in the harassment campaign orchestrated by Podemos. The PP has also not given its support to the teacher, since the current PP leader of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, the National direction of the party and the government of Rajoy are supporting a campaign of imposition in schools of that ideology that criticize Alicia in her book. In the end, those who said they were going to protect us from Podemos, allowed the ultra-left party to act with impunity.

A harassment campaign "for writing a book"

This evening I talked to Alicia and she told me that she is being "victim" of a campaign of harassment for "for writing a book" and for criticizing the law of sexual indoctrination imposed by the PP and Podemos in Madrid, with the backing of Socialist Party (PSOE) and Ciudadanos (a centre-left party). What she is suffering is "an ideological lynch", she says, pointing out that it all began when she agreed to participate in a debate on freedom of speech at the Law School of the Complutense University of Madrid, precisely because of the campaign of harassment unleashed by Podemos against her (the far-left party has tried to prevent, sometimes with success, that the teacher presented her book in several localities). That debate in the UCM was prevented by violent far-leftists, who blocked the access to the Faculty with the approval of his Dean. As happened with the harassment against Alicia, the PP kept a complacent silence before this attack on freedom of speech, despite the fact that university education is the responsibility of the autonomous goverment of Madrid, led by Cristina Cifuentes.

Instead of denouncing the harassment, the cloister ceases the harassed

Already outside the discussion of gender ideology, the real problem is how it is allowed to mount a harassment against a teacher in her workplace, and how children are manipulated to carry out it by a political party and with presence of two councilors. And before that act of harassment, we must ask how it is possible that the cloister has not faced the harassment, and that instead it has asked the cessation of the harassed instead of defending her freedom of expression. At this point I must remember the famous quote by Voltaire: "I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend with my life your right to express it." What is the right to freedom of speech in Spain? Are there ideologies that can no longer be questioned?

Victim of the harassment of Podemos and the complicity of the PP

Finally, from here I declare my full support to Alicia, and my absolute rejection of this ideological persecution of which is being object, something typical of a dictatorship. I also want to point out that this reprisal has been consummated not only by the harassment of Podemos, but also by the complicity of the PP, who is using the far-leftists to do the dirty work to remove from their path those who disagree with the new ideological course taken by the PP. Spanish citizens should remember cases like that of Alicia when the PP again asks them for the vote to stop Podemos.

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