Republican Senator Ted Cruz put the businessman on the ropes

The Zuckerberg’s trouble when asked about the censorship of conservatives on Facebook

This Tuesday the president of Facebook appeared before the US Senate to clarify the scandal that has involved his company in a data leak of 87 million users.

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The “hate speech” as an excuse to censor conservative ideas

Zuckerberg had to answer many questions from senators about Facebook’s use of the private data of its users. The businessman defended himself pretty well to almost all the questions during the more than 5 hours that his appearance lasted. However, there was a time when Zuckerberg went through a serious hurry: when the Republican senator from Texas Ted Cruz asked him about the censorship that is applied on Facebook for ideological reasons.

During his speech, Zuckerberg justified the censorship on Facebook using as examples terrorism, “hate speech” and nudity. However, in May 2016, former Facebook employees acknowledged that this social network suppressed news from conservative media. Since 2011 various conservative and Christian organizations have been denouncing the censorship they suffer by Facebook, which abusively applies its terms of use to associations and people with these ideas and beliefs, accusing them of “hate speech” for the mere fact of disagreeing with the views from the left wing.

Ted Cruz asked for censorship of conservatives and Catholics on Facebook

Senator Cruz reminded the president of Facebook of some of those cases, as well as the censorship of “dozens of Catholic pages” and the case of Diamond and Silk, two conservative African-Americans and followers of Trump censored by Facebook under the label “unsafe”, by the mere fact of holding a discourse opposed to that of the political left. Zuckerberg said that “we are a platform for all ideas” and that his company does not have “any kind of political bias”. Cruz replied by quoting the case of Palmer Luckey, a virtual reality expert expelled from Facebook for having supported Trump. “That is a personal issue that I do not think is appropriate,” the Facebook president replied, stating that he did not expel Luckey “for political reasons”, but without giving further explanations. You can watch the video here:

(Photo: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

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