"There are no economic reasons for studies like these," the Government says

Hungary Expels the Gender Ideology of Its Universities for Being a Pseudoscience

Viktor Orbán has decided to close the doors of the Hungarian universities to one of the most ideological degrees of those born under the influence of cultural marxism: "gender studies".

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A factory of left-wing political activists

This degree serves in practice to train left-wing feminist activists and LGBT lobbyists, placing them in public institutions, NGOs and the media as authentic political commissars. The basis of these studies is the gender ideology, which arose in the marxist ranks of authors such as Simone de Beauvoir and Shulamith Firestone. This ideology holds that sexual roles are a mere cultural construction without any relation to biological sex, and affirms that the current division between the sexes responds to a scheme in which men are oppressors and women are oppressed. The "gender studies" were formed from that ideological vision, although it lacks a scientific basis.

"Gender studies" only have 13 students in Hungary

As pointed out by The Hungary Journal, there are two universities that currently offer these courses in the country: the Eötvös Loránd in Budapest, owned by the State, and the Central European University, a private university founded by the billionaire George Soros, a well-known financier of leftist movements in all the world. This week the Hungarian universities received a proposal from the Ministry of Human Resources and the Ministry of Justice to end the courses of "gender studies" in the country. "There are no economic reasons for studies like these, so we have reason to suppose that it was not created in response to the needs of the labor market, or to provide students with skills that can prepare them directly for the labor market," Zoltan Kovacs, spokesperson for the Government of Hungary, said. "It is also questionable to what extent the studies admit that such a low number of students is economical and sustainable," he added, referring to the limited number of students in these degrees: currently there are only eleven students in the Eötvos Loránd and two in the Central European.

An ideology that seeks to destroy the cultural roots of the West

According to The Hungary Journal, in addition to the aforementioned economic reasons, the Hungarian Government has been criticizing these courses for being an ideology, not a science. Something in which he is absolutely right. The existence of official gender titles is as absurd as if there were official titles of marxism, socialism or anarchism. It is absurd for a State to dedicate itself to backing academic degrees created to promote a specific ideology, and on top of that, an ideology that is aimed at destroying the cultural roots of the West.

Recall that Firestone proposed to end "with the distinction of sex itself," stating that "the core of female oppression must be sought in its procreative and nurturing functions." Faced with this, she defended abortion as a way to free women from "the tyranny of their reproductive biology," a curious "liberation" that involves killing and dismembering a multitude of innocents. In turn, Beauvoir stated that "every woman is homosexual by nature", defended the USSR as the panacea of feminism and justified prenatal murder as a form of self-defense, in addition to signing a manifesto in defense of pedophilia published in the leftist French newspaper Libération. The existence of such an aberrant ideology should be cause for alarm, but also be backed by academic titles is the height of nonsense.


(Photo: Thaler / Wikimedia. The library of the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest)

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