Strumia had denounced "silencing" the one who disagrees with that ideology

CERN Suspends a Prestigious Physicist For Being Contrary to Leftist Feminism

We live bad times for freedom of expression. The scientific world is not even saved, threatened by the censorship of political correctness like other professional fields.

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Strumia exposed easily verifiable statistics

If a few months ago it was already evident that in the field of Mathematics there is no place for scientific thinking where feminism prevails, now it's up to Physics. On September 28, the prestigious Italian physicist Alessandro Strumia gave a lecture at the first workshop of CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) on "High Energy Theory and Gender". Strumia presented a series of data in which he stated that, statistically, women prefer careers in the humanities to scientific or legal careers, as well as professions such as construction, transport, mining, etc. They are statistical facts that can be verified in any country, even in those that most presume of egalitarians.

Strumia says that physics "does not depend on the nation, race or sex"

One of the phrases of his conference that raised more controversy was the following: "Physics invented and built by men, it’s not by invitation". Did he lie, perhaps? He also noted that scientists like Marie Curie were "welcomed after showing what they can do". Faced with what he described as the "Mainstream Theory", which tries to convince us that there is a "white male herero privilege", that there are "microagressions", that "men mobilize their masculinity supporting", and that there is "sexual harassment at epidemic levels", Strumia raised what he called "Conservative Theory", to which he attributes this approach: "Physics is a community of interest, optimised to understand nature. Physics does not depend on nation, race, sex". It is "open to good people from any background." Strumia recalled that physics was international when "culture" served nationalism.

Strumia denounces the discrimination that is being done against men

Strumia gave the example of the "Mainstream Theory" to the feminist Sandra Harding, who considers that science, especially physics, is not only "sexist" but also "racist", and that there is widespread discrimination against women in appointments, conferences and contracts. On the contrary, Strumia pointed out that according to the "Conservative Theory", some groups "over-represented because over-performing. Interest and ability not uniformly distributed," as the statistics show, and that "smarter people less affected by implicit bias, traps, etc."

In addition to presenting statistical data that support the "Conservative Theory", Strumia gave examples that currently are men who are suffering discrimination in scientific careers: the decision of the University of Oxford to give more time in examinations to benefit women (in this academic institution, 47% of men and 37% of women get first-degree degrees); the gratuity and discounts in scientific studies in Italy for women who choose them, in an attempt to increase the number of girls who choose these careers; the various scientific scholarships aimed only at women; the reservation of exclusive places for women in reading positions and scientific faculty at the University of Melbourne; the preferential hiring of women in scientific faculties in the USA; etc.

"Men make worst jobs, and 95% of work deaths"

Finally, Strumia dared to question one of the tenets of leftist feminism: "Quotas in best jobs only is not equality." And he recalled, as well, another easily verifiable fact in statistical terms: "Men make worst jobs, and 95% of work deaths." Strumia went a step further, and pointed out what is easily deductible by following the books of history: that the Mainstream Theory is "cultural marxism". Let us remember that the approaches of the current leftist feminism were elaborated by communists such as Simone de Beauvoir and Shulamith Firestone. Strumia noted, likewise: "Some politicians survived to 1989 promoting a victimocracy of 'minorities' andsilence who disagrees with their ideology. 'Equity' degenerated in 'gender'". In addition, the Italian physicist added: "Physics is not sexist against women. However truth does not matter, becauseit’s part of a political battle coming from outside. Not clear who will win."

CERN gives the reason to the Italian physicist and suspends him from his job

After that conference, CERN decided to agree with Strumia, suspending him from his job, pending an investigation. The University of Pisa, in which Strumia is a professor, and the European Research Council have also initiated investigations against him. And all for saying truths as fists and for expressing legitimate opinions in a scientific conference. As I have already pointed out above, neither the scientific debate is saved from the ironclad censorship imposed by the different franchises of political correctness. There are certain truths that can no longer be said, even though science endorses them, because certain groups use victimhood as an excuse to censor any opinion that is not to their liking.

This does not have anything of equality, nor of fight against discrimination, nor of inclusivity nor of tolerance. What political correctness is doing is what communism intended: to cover the mouth of the one who disagrees. They have limited themselves to painting the gag of another color, adorning it with words like those cited, so that people do not realize that they are trampling on our liberties. But the fact is that they are already reaching such extremes that it is difficult to conceal that what they are imposing on us is more and more similar to the communist societies frightened by the Stasi or the KGB, than to a truly democratic society.

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