Both showed their harmony: they share Christian and conservative values

The friendly meeting in Hungary between Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Chuck Norris

This week the famous actor Chuck Norris arrived in Hungary on a support trip to Hungarian Baptist Aid, a charitable initiative founded in 1996 by the Hungarian Baptist Church.

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Viktor Orbán and Chuck Norris: two men with common values

On the occasion of this visit, Norris was received by none other than the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán. The two have many things in common: both defend conservative policies (Norris is Republican and very sympathetic to Trump) and are Christians committed to their faith, both defend the family against gender ideology, both oppose abortion and also the massive immigration, and both are well-known supporters of the State of Israel.

The visit of Chuck Norris to the TEK, the Hungarian counter-terrorist unit

During their meeting in Hungary, Orbán drove Norris (I say he drove because the Prime Minister was driving the car, somewhat atypical in other countries) to visit the Terrorelhárítási Központ (TEK), the Counterterrorist Center located on Zách Street in Budapest. It is a special operations police unit founded during Orbán's mandate, eight years ago, and under the command of the Ministry of the Interior of Hungary. In August 2012, the TEK led a successful rescue of three Hungarian hostages kidnapped in Damascus (Syria), returning to Hungary both the unit and the released citizens without suffering any injury. As you can see in the following video, published the day before yesterday by Orbán himself on his Facebook page, Norris was very well received by the men of the TEK:

"The liberals hate me," says Orbán; "You're like Trump," replies Norris

In the video we see Orbán receiving Chuck Nurris and his wife Gena O'Kelly. The actor gives a warm hug to the Hungarian Prime Minister. "I feel like I know you already, I've read so much about you, that I feel like we've already met," Norris says. Orbán replies: "90 percent of the comments on me are negative. The liberals hate me" (in Hungary, the word "liberal" is often used to refer to progressives, just like in the US). "You're like Trump," Norris says. "A little more than that," the Hungarian politician comments with humor.

"I am a streetfighter," the Hungarian Prime Minister says

In the next scene we see them in the car with Orbán. "You are so nice to come and pick us up," Gena tells the Hungarian Prime Minister. Not every day comes to pick up the president of the government of a country, hehe ... On the way, Orbán says: "You know, I'm a streetfighter basically. I am not coming from the elite. No, I'm coming from a small village, 40 kilometers from here. Next time, if you have time..." Gena completes the sentence: "You'll take us?" Orbán responds: "Nothing special, but it's a nice place." Later, Norris says that his oldest son is 56 years old. Almost the same age as Orbán (he is 55). The prime minister comments that the actor is the same age as his father: 78 years. Seeing Norris, anyone would say: he's still a guy.

Arriving at the base of the TEK, Orbán points out: "The anti-terrorist unit, they are the toughest guys, the highest level and quality of defending our people." The members of the TEK are in full training. In the background a classic theme of heavy metal: "Thunderstruck" of AC/DC. Finally, the agents of the TEK take a family photo with Orbán, Norris and O'Kelly, offering a warm applause to the actor. "Thank you! You are all my friends," Chuck gratefully comments. Finally they say goodbye with more hugs. "Friends forever," Gena comments, moved. "Take care and may God bless you!", Orbán says.


(Photo: Facebook de Viktor Orbán)

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