They hide the nationality of the aggressors and the racist tints of rape

Moroccans rape a Spanish girl and that's how the leftist media publish the news

Certain media seem to have decided that it is better for the public not to know certain important details about some facts. We have had an example this week in Spain.

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The aggressors let go another girl "for being Moor"

This Wednesday, the newspaper El Mundo reported on a rape of a girl, an attack that took place in Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara) and was hidden for a year, something very shocking in a country where news about rapes are frequently published by the media, including rapes of minors. What happened in this case so that the news was hidden? At the time of the events the girl, of Spanish nationality, was 12 years old. The aggressors were six young people between 15 and 20 years old, one of them Nigerian and the other Moroccans. Both the Spanish girl and a friend of her were taken by these young people to an abandoned building. There, after an argument in Arabic, they decided to release the other girl "for being a Moor," acording she explained to the victim. The Spanish girl was raped for 45 minutes. Thus, it can be concluded that this sexual assault had racist overtones.

The leftist theory that there is no racism against whites

Experience shows that racism occurs in the most varied cultures and among people of different races. However, since a few years ago, some speeches have been heard that contradict this experience. A part of the left has decided to apply the Marxist theses to this question and considers that racism only occurs from a oppressive race (whites) against oppressed races (the others). In fact, leftist groups speak of "racialized" people to refer to the groups that are victims of that racism on the part of whites. Allegedly anti-racist groups claim that racism against whites does not exist; that is, that the white race would be the only one that is not hated by anyone. It is enough to review the racist theses of groups such as the Black Panthers to verify that racism also exists.

Leftist media hide the racist dye of rape

Most leftist media seem to have decided that if reality spoils their ideological prejudices, then it is better to hide it. This is how the rape of Azuqueca have been reported by certain Spanish media controlled by the left:

Other media controlled by the left, such as Televisión Española, El Periódico, El Plural and InfoLibre, have not even reported what happened.

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